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Thursday Doors and Donkeys for Norm’s Challenge

Thought you might enjoy seeing these doors…one is a front door, the other is a garage door. I like the red face sculptures above each door, and if they have specific significance I am not privy to that info. The donkeys on the garage door is because metal smokers are built here, so I’ve added… Continue reading Thursday Doors and Donkeys for Norm’s Challenge

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Cee’s Fun Foto–Transport

There are lots of forms of transport, the prompt for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Here are a few transportation methods I found in San Miguel de Allende. See more fun foots at:¬†    

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Odd Ball Indeed

I loved these little guys, and couldn’t pass them up without taking pictures. The detail to the size of ears, the tails, and the hairline down their forehead and down the back of their neck impressed me. Yes, they are an Odd Ball choice, making me one also because I liked them so much. See… Continue reading Odd Ball Indeed