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In response to this week’s Emotography theme of Intricate, I chose some of the artwork I found on the buildings in China. Much of it reminds me of the current interest in adult coloring books. Fascinating and intricate.  

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What is it about reflections that causes us to pause, take a breath, sigh, and reach for our camera? This week’s Emotography challenge has the theme of Reflections, and I realized as I perused my photos, that I have a LOT of pictures of ponds, lakes, and rivers showing reflections from the other side. There is… Continue reading Emotography–Reflections

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Stretched in Dance

This was a dance routine I saw while in San Miguel, Mexico, and it demonstrates how we stretch and are stretched, but continue to be connected. These dancers were able to intertwine, separate, be drawn back in, all while expressing themselves individually as they stretched their boundaries. It was a graceful and interesting dance. Emotography… Continue reading Stretched in Dance

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Emotography–My Soul is Touched

Claudette at has come up with a new word: emotography, combining emotions and photography. The idea is to post a picture you’ve taken that illicits an emotional response and share your thoughts about that. So here is my contribution to Emotography. This picture allows me to take a deep breath, filling my lungs with… Continue reading Emotography–My Soul is Touched