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Social Distancing = Desertion

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a tourist hotspot for both Mexicans and foreigners. But in these days of social distancing solitude can be found in the usual gathering place for hundreds on any given day. Here are some pictures taken this week around the near empty Parroquia and central plaza. No music, no crowds,… Continue reading Social Distancing = Desertion

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Zero: The Beginning or the End?

Zero–what does it mean to me? It seems so permanent, final, no room to move. Zero is Daily Addictions word prompt for the day, and I’m having difficulty expressing my feelings about the word. I’m a person who looks at the glass as half full, and when I think of zero it conjures up the… Continue reading Zero: The Beginning or the End?

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This Week’s Mundane Monday Photos

I’m participating in Mundane Monday Photo Challenge which urges us to focus on ordinary things around us, and take interesting photographs of those everyday things.¬†As I was walking the streets of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, I took this shot of a stool and a chair in the street, vacant, seemingly waiting until evening… Continue reading This Week’s Mundane Monday Photos

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Sit Awhile

As this week’s contribution to the Mundane Monday Challenge, I took this picture of an empty chair in the street apparently waiting for any weary traveler to stop and rest a spell. Or perhaps the chair is owned by a nearby resident who claims this spot daily to engage others in conversation as they trek… Continue reading Sit Awhile