Fear is this week’s prompt from Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge. See more at https://weeklyprompts.com/2022/05/04/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-fear-what-if/ Fear. Just the word makes me want to hightail it to some place secluded, protected, and secret. I came to realize some years ago that most of the issues causing me pain and discomfort have been caused by fear: my fear… Continue reading Fear

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When Does It End?

Unseen personalities emerge in isolation: snarky comments, weepy days, temper tantrums, anxiety attacks, impatient outbursts, sleepless nights, fearful fits, cabin fever, and the list goes on. Will those traits remain after we reenter the world of hugs and co-mingling? How long will we be hesitant to have a drink with friends, visit someone’s home, share… Continue reading When Does It End?

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Have We Had Enough? If So, Now What?

When will we say “ENOUGH”? When will the American people, the world’s people be pushed to say “Enough”? Enough hatred. Enough greed. Enough disparity. Enough violence. Enough divisiveness. Enough oppression. Enough acceptance of the unacceptable. What will it take for society to raise their voices, their arms, their wills and demand justice for all, decry… Continue reading Have We Had Enough? If So, Now What?


Writing Laryngitis

Have you noticed the ‘little voice’ has been almost silent the past few months? The voice has been less than little, it has been virtually non-existent. I’ll call it writing laryngitis, rather than laziness, it sounds so much more exotic. The truth is this busted knee has occupied my time, my mind and my emotions… Continue reading Writing Laryngitis

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Death of a Town

The death of a town is often determined by well-intentioned citizens whose vision is brushed by fear rather than colored with possibilities. Back in the mid 1950’s, two neighboring towns, same size, 30 miles apart, faced a decision about each community’s future. Cotton farming was the mainstay of both villages, and the 50’s were a… Continue reading Death of a Town

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Why are We so Afraid?

In the past couple of years, I’ve heard many women comment their political views are 180 degrees different from their spouses, one being far right, one being far left. This leads to the battle of who operates the TV remote control, and who gets to dictate what is watched and when. Often my women friends… Continue reading Why are We so Afraid?

U.S. Supreme Court

Bullying Wins Again

Once again we saw a white man bully his way onto our country’s highest court. Yelling, blaming, accusing, crying. The actions of an abuser striking out. The world watched as a privileged male displayed his outrage at being challenged, followed with cheers for masculine dominance by the 11 Republican Senators who were galvanized to ignore… Continue reading Bullying Wins Again

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The Finale! A2Z Challenge–X for Xenophobia

Finally I have finished the A2Z April Word Challenge that was to end on April 30. A month + past the deadline is not too bad, some would say, and I will agree. You can read what others said about words from the letters of the alphabet at a-to-zchallenge.com. X for Xenophobia Admittedly my vocabulary is… Continue reading The Finale! A2Z Challenge–X for Xenophobia

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An Intruder

Chili’s sharp bark startled me awake in time to see the lights bouncing off the bedroom wall. I laid there, watching, wondering why a car was in my driveway. Maybe turning around.  I slipped out of bed, and crept to the window in the darkness. My mind raced as I peeked between the slats in… Continue reading An Intruder