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February–a Month of Remembering

Yep, it’s February. I can always tell, even without a calendar. I cry unexpectedly. I have flashbacks of years past. And I shake myself often trying to figure out why my mood seems dreary, or why I smile quietly with no apparent reason. Then I remember, it’s February; a month of birth, love, and death.… Continue reading February–a Month of Remembering


February is Over–Finally

Thank goodness another February has passed. I say this annually when the calendar flips to the third month, exposing blank squares with few notations. Like a feather duster, March seizes clumps of sadness and grief and sweeps them into next year. What a relief. We once celebrated all month: his birthday on the 3rd of… Continue reading February is Over–Finally

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Heartache From a Hospital Bed

Here is my contribution to Patricia’s In Other Words Challenge with the prompt of Heartache. You will find more contributions at Heartache set sail in February 2004 when He celebrated his birthday from a hospital bed. He celebrated our anniversary from a hospital bed. He asked me “How will you eat” from a hospital bed.… Continue reading Heartache From a Hospital Bed