The Best Years of My Life

Birthdays are special celebrations, and should be treated as such. As I near my 80 years to celebrate being on this earth, I recall several unique birthdays, and my Mother’s favorite comment when I would reach a milestone year, as on my 40th or 50th or 60th. She would assure me, “Oh, your 40s will be the… Continue reading The Best Years of My Life


Friends to the Rescue

It’s been 27 years since I lived through the devastating earthquake in Northridge, California. You would think after two decades the memories would be diminished, but in fact, they make my heart beat faster, and create an almost panic feeling of helplessness. It triggers my need to flee, quickly. But there is often no place… Continue reading Friends to the Rescue

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The Magnificent Seven–Best Friends for Life

 Life long friendships. They are rare, and more unusual when seven women maintain those bonds through 70 plus years. This week I received a picture on Facebook of the Magnificent Seven, a group of my female classmates who have been ‘best friends’ since the first grade. They all grew up in a small Texas panhandle… Continue reading The Magnificent Seven–Best Friends for Life

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The Eyes Have It

Nancy Merrill’s A Photo-A-Week Challenge focuses (pun intended) on eyes, and I’ve gathered together photos of people I love, people I know, and some folks I have been mesmerized by their eyes, but don’t their names. Joy, happiness, questioning, anger, love, trust, defiance…you find it all in their eyes. See many more at https://nadiamerrillphotography.wordpress.com/2018/12/21/a-photo-a-week-challenge-eyes/ Friends and… Continue reading The Eyes Have It

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What I’ve Lost

People, I’ve lost people…and lovable, loving pets. Friends, family, enemies (hopefully), doglets. Some I have run from screaming with delight. Some I’ve neglected. Others have deserted me, unexpectedly. How dare them! No one is to blame for the terminated relationships, maybe. Perhaps it is a mutual decision, perhaps it is lack of attention on my part… Continue reading What I’ve Lost

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Feathery Friends for Sunday Stills

Second Wind Leisure’s Sunday Stills features prompts of furry and feathered friends. I don’t claim that any of these feathered folks are friends, but they made their way into my life last year, and I was able to catch pictures of them. Check out other great Sunday Stills at https://secondwindleisure.com/2018/06/03/sunday-stills-furry-and-feathered-friends/ This guy didn’t seem to be… Continue reading Feathery Friends for Sunday Stills

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A2Z April Challenge P-Q-R

I’ve lost track of time…I may need to save this for the T day, but, hey, when you are 76 you never know if you’ll get to that day. P for Present April 17 Meaning that in my 70’s I want to be more present.I want to listen more, see more, enjoy the moment more.… Continue reading A2Z April Challenge P-Q-R

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Don’t Touch lt!

Intimacy. It has so many ramifications and so many faces. It usually has sexual connotations, but in reality, intimacy is how we interact with others: what is appropriate and what isn’t between two people. And the acceptability is based on how well we know each other, how much we trust each other, how much we… Continue reading Don’t Touch lt!

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Aha Moments

Aha moments. They come at the strangest times, usually unexpectedly, and without immediate clarity that will help you understand the impact those moments will have on your life. One of those enlightening thunderbolts happen 13 years ago with an early morning phone call from my sister. “Dad has died.” As I put the phone down,… Continue reading Aha Moments