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Help Is Here

I returned home just days following Hurricane Harvey’s rampage through this part of Texas, getting a first hand view of the devastation to some 100+ families, not including the dozens of businesses that were impacted in our small town. The saddest part of this tragedy is most of those affected could not afford these life… Continue reading Help Is Here

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Hurricane Harvey Spoke Clearly

Hurricane Harvey has sent me a message: Stay Away. And I am heeding his soggy voice. I’m back on U.S. soil, but not home, since the creek did rise to a new stage of flooding. Hope to get back to my abode by Thursday, if the creek seeks lower levels and the roads are passable.… Continue reading Hurricane Harvey Spoke Clearly

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Stay or Go? Ask Hurricane Harvey

I’m about to end my month-long stay in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico…or that is the plan. But, Hurricane Harvey is churning through the Gulf of Mexico heading directly to the central coast of Texas and then northward to the small town where I live in the south central part of the state. Not a… Continue reading Stay or Go? Ask Hurricane Harvey