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50 Word Musings

I’m playing around with writing shorter pieces, just to see if I can, and I found a website called 50 words http://50-words.com The challenge is to write a story, essay, musings in 50 words or less. Here are a few of my latest attempts. The look was important, it had to be perfect. Swept up in… Continue reading 50 Word Musings

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Hammers and Coloring Books

I stood in the eerie jail cell eyeing a benign appearing woman incarcerated for hammering her 5-year-old son to death. Mrs. Benning slumped on a metal cot, her eyes shunning contact, grungy hair hanging lifeless around her face, belying her 20 years. Her hand fiddled with the cover of a child’s coloring book, and a… Continue reading Hammers and Coloring Books