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Easy? Who Says?

For the prompt Easy Peasy from She said it was easy. It wasn’t. He said I could learn. I didn’t. They said it was simple. It was complicated. They said… I quit listening… She showed me. I saw it. He drew pictures. I understood it. He quit talking. I began learning. They smiled. I grew.

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Farewell, Goodbye, So Long, Old Friend

It’s an emotional day. I have to say goodbye to you, ending our relationship of more than 30 years. I’ve depended on you for decades. You know my secrets. You were there when I struggled through tough nights, and you danced with me when I soared through easy days. It’s difficult to end a relationship… Continue reading Farewell, Goodbye, So Long, Old Friend

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I’m All In for Cheap Thrills

Every day I learn something that may not be terribly important, but I can at least say I picked up something new, thus making my time here on earth a bit more interesting. For instance, while travelling recently with a friend, we had a bit of excitement…actually two bits of excitement. The first one was when… Continue reading I’m All In for Cheap Thrills