They Lied

They said we were safe.  They lied. We believed them. They lied. They promised equality They lied They hold positions of power. They lied. They cannot be removed They lied We protested They lied. We shouted They lied          They heard our anger They hide          They seek protection Because they lied.

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Reality Is Scary

I have been living in a world draped with illusion that allows me to believe in a non-reality. And I had a slap in the face awakening this week about how wrong I have been. This wake-up revelation had to do with my erroneous belief that reason would win over emotion, that my beliefs would… Continue reading Reality Is Scary

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Lies Are Hard to Erase

Honesty I didn’t want to lie to him, but how could I explain where I had been? I left him at 11 a.m., and he found me at 11 p.m. as I drove home. Where had I been for 12 hours while he searched the roads for me, wanting to return a garment I had… Continue reading Lies Are Hard to Erase

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Quote of the Day–Truth or Lies?

Originally posted on Yahooey's Blog:
“The more we are committed to believing that something is true, the less likely we are to believe that its opposite is true, even in the face of clear evidence that shows we are wrong.” — Marshall Goldsmith, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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What Comes Next?

Originally posted on The Happy Traveler:
I heard a news commentator say this morning, with some unrealized optimism, that perhaps the Presidential Debates that begin tomorrow night will at long last be the beginning of a “serious Presidential Contest.” The Los Angeles Times states that, “Scope of Trump’s falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate.”…

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Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
The recent upswing in popularity of truthish has become especially pronounced in celeb tabloids and political circles. Donald Trump, when he isn’t using his vast fourth grade vocabulary to compliment himself, can often be found uttering nuggets that he has gleaned from random social media sources and…