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I’ll See You In My Dreams

Is this an ending or a beginning, or both? Waving goodbye to family members backing out of my driveway, I felt the tension and relief ooze from my shoulders and back. Must be the way that last dollop of toothpaste feels when it’s squeezed from a rolled and twisted tube. Starting with the death of… Continue reading I’ll See You In My Dreams

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A2Z April Challenge M and N

M for Memories April 14 When are our memories activated? At the age of 6 did I remember a particular incident from last week or last year? Maybe when I was 14 I recalled thinking I would see cowboys when our family moved to Texas two years earlier. Or at 30 the memory of dancing… Continue reading A2Z April Challenge M and N

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A Good Life

Kathryn Stucker has contributed another delightful poem for today’s post. Makes you want to head to Arkansas, doesn’t it? WE GOT FLEAS ON THE DOG, CHIGGERS IN THE GRASS, HORNETS IN THE BARN, AND TICKS GOD KNOWS WHERE;   BUT THERE’S A SWIMMING HOLE NEAR, GIANT OAKS IN THE YARD, PINE TREES ON THE HILL,… Continue reading A Good Life

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What could a tin can possibly be worth?

This reblog may bring tears to your eyes and raise more questions than answers, but you will be moved by it’s message!

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Who We Were Or Who We Are?

Is who we were who we are today? I ran across a scrap book I assembled several years ago showing my life ‘before’ today. I lived in a different town, had different friends, had a different career, looked different. But, am I different than I was? I first asked this question two years ago when… Continue reading Who We Were Or Who We Are?

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Happy Birthday, JV

Jack V. Johnson, 1936-2004 Today, February 3, I am celebrating what would be your 80th birthday. There is no cake, no ice cream, no games, no confetti, no family gathering. I’m celebrating with memories: memories of the laughter you inspired, boundaries you protected, kindness you shared. I’m remembering your disdain for orders given.  “You give orders… Continue reading Happy Birthday, JV

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Create or Conserve?

This is a post written by my sister, who hasn’t yet ventured into blogging. She is ‘spot on’ with her look at our Mother, who was complicated, driven, creative and most interesting. My sister is a gifted writer, and I’m encouraging her to join the world of bloggers and blogging. What do you think? My mother… Continue reading Create or Conserve?

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Does Anyone Drag Main Any More?

Class reunions. They are synonymous with hopeful memories and awful nightmares. I’m heading ‘back home’ in a few days to meet those kids with whom I experienced puberty, Algebra I, yearbook signings, and endless miles of dragging Main. In ‘my day’, the street wasn’t named Main St., but that’s what we called it. ‘Where are… Continue reading Does Anyone Drag Main Any More?


Why Change A Habit?

We are such creatures of habit and heaven forbid if one has to alter a well-established routine. It takes a long time and a great deal of frustration just to change the time of day when we take our medications. It’s the mundane tasks that are entrenched in our psyche: when and how we brush… Continue reading Why Change A Habit?