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Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge

  I took this picture several years ago on one of my first visits to San Miguel de Allende, and I’ve tried to find it again, but haven’t the faintest idea where I was nor where this set of doors is. I wanted to take a better picture, but, alas, we will have to live… Continue reading Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge

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What is This FOTD?

I love flowers, I just don’t know the names of any of them. Well, usually I can tell a rose from an iris, sometimes. Anyway, I happened upon this beauty and thought I’d pass it along with the question: anybody know what this is?

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Lighting Up the Streets

San Miguel not only has uinique doors, windows and wonderful colors, I’ve become fascinated with the different street lights, or would they be considered lanterns? Ornate, plain, old, decorative, interesting, boring, glass, wire, new…all provide lighting along the streets and alleys in San Miguel. Whatever they are, here are a few I’ve found in my… Continue reading Lighting Up the Streets

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FOTD Succulents and ???

During a recent visit to the deserted dog park some  blooms caught my eye, so I’m sharing them as my Flower of the Day Photo Challenge contribution found at Cee’s blog Since they were among the cactus garden, I thought these were of the succulent family, but obviously I am mistaken. Whatever family they represent,… Continue reading FOTD Succulents and ???

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Thursday Doors, Cats and Fountains

Happened upon this entry this week as I explored old neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Thought you would enjoy seeing this door and the fun cats on either side. Across the narrow street were the 2 fountains. Enjoy. Check Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge for more interesting doors.  

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Thursday Doors April 9

On a quick walk around the block with the doglets yesterday I happened upon this semi-green door and thought I would share it with Norm’s Thursday Doors Photo Challenge viewers. See many more at

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Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge

This looks like a Valentine doorway, but I couldn’t find the owner to ask. The lips were a clue, but then I saw the hands and ear and the eye, so maybe that means my entire body is yours. Who knows? But I thought it was a festive entryway. See more at Norm’s Thursday Door… Continue reading Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge