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Happy Birthday Betty Belle

August is the birthday month for my two sisters and both my parents, so I’m going to write about each one on the day they entered this lifetime.   My mother would be 98 today if she hadn’t died 14 years ago. She is, this is my guess, glad she didn’t live any longer since… Continue reading Happy Birthday Betty Belle

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Aha Moments

Aha moments. They come at the strangest times, usually unexpectedly, and without immediate clarity that will help you understand the impact those moments will have on your life. One of those enlightening thunderbolts happen 13 years ago with an early morning phone call from my sister. “Dad has died.” As I put the phone down,… Continue reading Aha Moments

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Long Term Plans?

I read a funny and painfully true post on The Shameful Sheep blog about the embarrassing things  mothers/parents do (   and I was reminded of my mother’s obsession about hair styles, among other things. As small children, the female head of the household didn’t pay much attention to what we looked like. She saw… Continue reading Long Term Plans?

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A Year Below the Mason-Dixon Line

At the age of 17, I hadn’t learned the art of saying no to my mother. Nor did I have the courage needed to challenge her.  She was a force that didn’t tolerate resistance, especially if it was obvious you weren’t going to win. So, when she announced, quite suddenly, I was going to a… Continue reading A Year Below the Mason-Dixon Line

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What Did You Expect?

Attending church with my stepchildren’s mother wasn’t a dream I wanted to have fulfilled, but like many unwelcome situations, some dreams can be reality nightmares. Such was the case when I stepped outside the house on a bright and sunny Sunday morning expecting to drive to a church service with my newly acquired stepson. Surprise!… Continue reading What Did You Expect?

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  Oh Mother, Where are Your Ferragamos?

Oh, Mother, where are your Ferragamos? That was the question I asked as I looked at the body of my mother who had died a day earlier. She was decked out in one of her St. John suits, ready for a private viewing. I took her hand, surprised at how cold she was. Of course… Continue reading   Oh Mother, Where are Your Ferragamos?

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Create or Conserve?

This is a post written by my sister, who hasn’t yet ventured into blogging. She is ‘spot on’ with her look at our Mother, who was complicated, driven, creative and most interesting. My sister is a gifted writer, and I’m encouraging her to join the world of bloggers and blogging. What do you think? My mother… Continue reading Create or Conserve?

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Please Save Me From Blackstrap Molasses!

To call our family nontraditional may be a bit of understatement. Yes, we were a family of two parents and three kids, but my Mom was not the ‘stay at home’ type. She was ahead of her time in her thinking and in her ‘ways’. She was determined her children would be college educated. She… Continue reading Please Save Me From Blackstrap Molasses!