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Laziness Raises It’s Ugly Head

Self-isolation is tough on my ego. I currently have too much time to contemplate what I do or don’t do. I’m faced hourly with a list of  ‘shoulds’ weighed against ‘coulds’. Actually, it’s more than hourly, it’s closer to every 10 minutes. The silverware drawer needs organizing. Yep, but I need to drag out my… Continue reading Laziness Raises It’s Ugly Head

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Coronavirus, COVID-19

Coronavirus. COVID-19 It’s the life-changing talk of the world. Here in San Miguel, the ex-pat community is ‘hunkering down’, listening closely to medical advisories, canceling meetings, and communicating via Internet and phone with friends and family rather than face to face encounters. I’m guessing the same thing is happening world-wide as we face the realities… Continue reading Coronavirus, COVID-19

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Obits. What’s the big deal about obituaries? A person lives, then dies. That was my attitude when as a reporter I began writing about the lives of people who passed away. Through the years I developed a different view on the importance of recording highlights and lowlights of each individual’s presence on earth. Often it… Continue reading Obituaries

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Learning to Garden

I know little if anything about planting, gardens, flowers, plants, soil, etc. Thank goodness for friends. I knew my patios needed some attention, plant wise, but I didn’t have a clue as to how to start nor what I wanted. A friend, who has had experience with soil of the earth projects, joined me at… Continue reading Learning to Garden

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Whirlwind Trip Across the Border

Heading back to the states tomorrow for a whirlwind trip to see friends, doctors, accountants, tax advisers, family, and a few days of quiet reflection. The question: can all of that be done in a span of 13 days? I’ll find out as I traverse 2 states and multiple locations.This is a test measuring my… Continue reading Whirlwind Trip Across the Border

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Snowfall and Body Parts

It started with a snowstorm in my house. All over the bed, covering the living room floor, even on the patio. Soft, fluffy white flakes piled high. Then came the body parts. Under the coffee table, on the sofa, under the covers, on the kitchen floor, and tucked away behind the toilet. Every few days… Continue reading Snowfall and Body Parts


The Rose on Valentine’s Day

A small chapel, a small gathering, a large love. it was the early evening of Valentine’s Day, and the man and woman greeted the group of family and friends as they entered the church, thanking them for coming, and sharing their excitement about this next step. No one was surprised that the couple had made… Continue reading The Rose on Valentine’s Day