Friends to the Rescue

It’s been 27 years since I lived through the devastating earthquake in Northridge, California. You would think after two decades the memories would be diminished, but in fact, they make my heart beat faster, and create an almost panic feeling of helplessness. It triggers my need to flee, quickly. But there is often no place… Continue reading Friends to the Rescue


Like and Dislike

To like or dislike is not the question, but rather in what way we use it. It is common for me to declare, “I don’t like her or him”, perhaps based on their political views, their religious believes, their attitude toward minorities, or the way they look at me. And I have to remind myself… Continue reading Like and Dislike



Aloneness Aloneness forced by nature, perhaps to slow movement, allowing a clearer view of living. Stopping pursuits, exposing feelings. Learning myself, igniting the twigs of creativity as kindling begins a warming blaze. Fire erupts, insights born in the rising smoke, freeing restraints, clearing vision, making way as fears and joys emerge.


Crossing a River

A river of division separates our country, and we face the challenge of how to cross that divide without destroying and polluting the center. I’ve been struggling with how to clean up this river, make it navigable and accessible for all people. And I wonder what I expect and/or anticipate to happen as we search for… Continue reading Crossing a River


Zooming through Covid-19

  One thing this alone time (called social isolation) has forced and/or enabled me to do is write and learn how to maneuver my way around Zoom. I was not forward thinking enough to invest in Zoom 10 months ago which means I have not benefitted from increasing my net worth due to the millions… Continue reading Zooming through Covid-19


More Musings

I’ve sharing more 50-word musings written this week. Hope you enjoy. Ritual I stare at the razor resting on my body, remembering hair curled under her stockings, glimpsed if she lifted her skirt. Unshaven legs on a woman? Maybe she hides more under her arms. The sharp edge slides across my skin. I feel the… Continue reading More Musings


What They Need to Know

One day I may need people to care for me, and a friend suggested I prepare useful instructions, in case I’m not able to tell them what I like, hate, want, enjoy. Minor things make a difference in whether I am comfortable, irritated, serene, or cranky, so I’ve penned this letter for my future helpers.… Continue reading What They Need to Know

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When Does It End?

Unseen personalities emerge in isolation: snarky comments, weepy days, temper tantrums, anxiety attacks, impatient outbursts, sleepless nights, fearful fits, cabin fever, and the list goes on. Will those traits remain after we reenter the world of hugs and co-mingling? How long will we be hesitant to have a drink with friends, visit someone’s home, share… Continue reading When Does It End?

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More 50-Word Musings

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying a new challenge of writing a story in 50 words. This is a fun exercise for me. See other 50 word contributions at http://50-words.com My New Friend My friend never judges, repeats, argues nor confirms. She listens, protecting secrets whispered through layers of trust. Daily she takes… Continue reading More 50-Word Musings

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50 Word Musings

I’m playing around with writing shorter pieces, just to see if I can, and I found a website called 50 words http://50-words.com The challenge is to write a story, essay, musings in 50 words or less. Here are a few of my latest attempts. The look was important, it had to be perfect. Swept up in… Continue reading 50 Word Musings