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It’s Buying Time: Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town. Yes, we can now start singing along with the Yuletide tunes playing over every store speaker. In fact, some retailers are brazen enough to blast it across acres of parking lots, getting us ready to open our wallets for traditional gift buying. Admittedly, I like to shop, and there… Continue reading It’s Buying Time: Christmas

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Orderly Affairs

  I’ve spent some time recently ‘getting my affairs in order’, and that means trying to leave hints around as to how to get into my computer, my passwords for my credit cards, where my will is, who gets what, and what I want played at my memorial service. Now this begs the question of… Continue reading Orderly Affairs

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Character..or Lack of

This is my response to the prompt challenge of a recent Weekly Prompts word of Character. Check out more responses at This Weekly Prompt topic has challenged me, forcing me to look at a word seldom if ever tripping over my lips. And that word is Character. I would consider myself a character, but do… Continue reading Character..or Lack of

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A Mime Within?

A decision has been made. The nameless has a moniker. Life for this wandering soul is good. What are we talking about, you ask? You may recall last spring I acquired a piece of art that was unusual, unique, and probably not to everyone’s liking. But I loved her. She was created by Edward Swift,… Continue reading A Mime Within?

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Embattled in Politics

A post I wrote last week was sent to my local paper in Texas as a letter to the editor, and thus this second writing. There’s nothing like jumping into a hornet’s nest expecting to escape unscathed. And I’m pretty certain my letter to the editor last week will ignite a horde of wasps’ venom… Continue reading Embattled in Politics

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Kneecap ‘Kalamity’ Update

It’s been about six weeks since finding myself knee first in the cobbled street of San Miguel de Allende. Since I was walking my dogs, I would love to blame them for the mishap, but in keeping with the spirit of partial truth I’ll admit I stepped off a curb I didn’t know was there.… Continue reading Kneecap ‘Kalamity’ Update

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Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Dear Grandmother, Why didn’t you tell me your life was hard? Why didn’t you complain about spending years in a wheelchair when you could no longer use your crutches or leg brace to get around? Why didn’t you point out how strong your arms had to be in order to swing from your cane back… Continue reading Why Didn’t You Tell Me?