Enough is Enough

When is enough ‘enough’? I recently read a piece that ended with “I wish you enough.” I couldn’t help but wonder, enough of what? Enough money? Enough love? Enough happiness? Enough sadness? Enough to feel safe? Enough determination? Enough sunshine? Enough what? When do I have enough? When will I feel satisfied? When is my… Continue reading Enough is Enough


Dogs and Humans After Covid

Dog walking is a big deal in San Miguel, almost a status symbol. Pockets of people gather daily in multiple locations to give their pets the ‘pack’ experience of running, playing, growling, fighting, panting, competing and, of course, taking care of their bodily needs in public.  Their tongues are hanging out, feet covered in mud,… Continue reading Dogs and Humans After Covid


Where to Wear Your Gun

Not many things surprise me, or even twitch my eyebrows upward. That was, however, before I visited a family member’s home in a small Texas town last month.  I thought I was entering a movie scene, a takeoff of a modern day wild west film. Or maybe it was a documentary showing life in a… Continue reading Where to Wear Your Gun



Silence pierces the quiet, and I strain to hear voices.  Are they here, or have they slipped out without alerting me? A visitor in my step daughter’s home for a month and quietness permeates the walls. They seem to whisper, murmuring. Or is it my deafness that mutes their voices? Cabinet doors shut with barely… Continue reading Silence


The Dangers of Change

If you are going to change things, find someone who knows how to help you, and affix them permanently to your side. Or you can live in darkness wandering around the forest biting your nails, yelling to the heavens, gritting your teeth, and succumbing to desperate pleas to your computer that pays no attention to… Continue reading The Dangers of Change


A Time to Retire

For many years I didn’t believe I would ever retire. It was not a money issue, but a matter of desire. I loved working, and couldn’t imagine I wouldn’t want to work forever…or for as long as my health held out. I was fearful of retirement, not sure what I would do, afraid I’d lose… Continue reading A Time to Retire


Friends to the Rescue

It’s been 27 years since I lived through the devastating earthquake in Northridge, California. You would think after two decades the memories would be diminished, but in fact, they make my heart beat faster, and create an almost panic feeling of helplessness. It triggers my need to flee, quickly. But there is often no place… Continue reading Friends to the Rescue