Peace in the ‘Hood

As I walked around the neighborhood I was struck when I suddenly found these pieces of street art across the street from each other. It was a bright sunny morning, a bit cool, but pleasant, and I was filled with a deep sense of peace as I stopped to enjoy the beautiful paintings. Hope you… Continue reading Peace in the ‘Hood


Strolling the ‘Hood’–1

Thought I would share some pictures I’ve taken the past few weeks showing art work, buildings, streets in my neighborhood. They caught my attention, and I hope they catch your’s too. I was surprised to catch a bird in flight near the entrance to the Rosewood Hotel in San Miguel. I was focused non the… Continue reading Strolling the ‘Hood’–1

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Temporary Artwork–Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

My sister and I happened upon these works of art in front of a small neighborhood church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and we were intrigued with the artistry and technique that went into making these colored sawdust scenes. Amazingly, they were made one day, and the next day they were gone! Sidewalks swept, cleaned, and… Continue reading Temporary Artwork–Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

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What Have I Created?

I’ve said many times that I am dangerous on the Internet. And almost daily I prove it once more. The latest fiasco I have created is setting up a Nextdoor  Gardenwalk account. This is a new social media venue so folks can stay in touch with neighbors…if they are so inclined. Don’t ask how I happened into… Continue reading What Have I Created?