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Two Challenges, One Tree

I’m contributing to two photo challenges in one posting: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, and Becca’s Sunday Tree’s Challenge. I think the tree trimming of a duck atop this tree fits both categories. See more of both challenges at:                                

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Odd Ball Indeed

I loved these little guys, and couldn’t pass them up without taking pictures. The detail to the size of ears, the tails, and the hairline down their forehead and down the back of their neck impressed me. Yes, they are an Odd Ball choice, making me one also because I liked them so much. See… Continue reading Odd Ball Indeed

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Odd Balls or Odd Hogs?

Talk about Odd Ball, these two are certainly Odd Balls. But every yard yearns for them! Their colors change, depending which side you view them. Amazing Check out more of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge at: