Festival of Leaves

Autumn in San Miguel de Allende isn’t spectacular with changes in the foliage, but in southeastern Oklahoma leaves do change, color bursts from the hills, and brilliance dots shorelines. See more Festival of Leaves 2022 at https://lingeringvisions.wordpress.com/2022/10/20/festival-of-leaves-2022-week-5-a-patchwork-orange/. Scenes from Oklahoma


Memories of Summer Camp

Summer meant camp, and camp meant a week at a Presbyterian church camp in northeastern Oklahoma. The camp coincided with my stay at my grandparents who lived a couple of hours from the former American Indian school site tucked in the woods between small and barely thriving towns. I saved money throughout the year to… Continue reading Memories of Summer Camp


Robbers Cave State Park

I was in Oklahoma last week, and stayed in my ‘go to’ place: Robbers Cave State Park, located in the southeastern part of the state, not far from the Arkansas/Oklahoma state line. My grandfather was one of the early day settlers in the town just 5 miles from the park, coming to Indian Territory as… Continue reading Robbers Cave State Park

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Leaves of Change

Fall means change and nothing shows change quite like colors in leaves. From years past I’ve pulled a couple of pictures that show the season’s beauty in southeastern Oklahoma. See more leaves of change at https://lingeringvisions.wordpress.com/2020/09/29/festival-of-leaves-2020-week-2-walnut-tree-in-my-back-yard/

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Reflections on Weekly Prompts

I’ve often wondered about reflections. Do they catch the real image? Are the colors reflected accurately Which image do I prefer? Am I recalling truthfully. All of these questions are answered depending on my mood, my mental state, and how I feel at any given moment. How I remember something and how the picture looks… Continue reading Reflections on Weekly Prompts

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Unknown Story for Weekend Challenge

There is a story behind this picture, I just don’t know what it is. Back in 2005 our family had a gathering to celebrate Christmas in the small southeastern Oklahoma town where I was born. We always drive around town just to see what hasn’t changed in 70+ years, and usually that means not much… Continue reading Unknown Story for Weekend Challenge

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Whirlwind Trip Across the Border

Heading back to the states tomorrow for a whirlwind trip to see friends, doctors, accountants, tax advisers, family, and a few days of quiet reflection. The question: can all of that be done in a span of 13 days? I’ll find out as I traverse 2 states and multiple locations.This is a test measuring my… Continue reading Whirlwind Trip Across the Border

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Musings About Changes

I raced to the kitchen, knowing what would be waiting for my 10-year-old fingers to eagerly grab. I knew because I could smell real butter, double-sifted flour, and fresh apples melting and blending as grandmother opened the door on the wood-fired stove to remove the perfect pie. It wasn’t the pie that held my attention,… Continue reading Musings About Changes