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Circles for One Word Sunday

The prompt for this week’s One Word Sunday is Circles and I found several examples that seem to fit that category. See more pictures at A floating light fixture These next 3 photos were taken at an art gallery just outside of San Miguel and I found the use of circles creative and appealing.    … Continue reading Circles for One Word Sunday

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It’s a What? Oojamaflip, Thingamagig, or Thingabob

Travel with Intent’s prompt on this week’s One Word Sunday Challenge is Oojamaflip, a British slang word of unknown origin, meaning a thing whose name is temporarily forgotten. That is not the word we used for a forgotten item. We used one of two terms, Thingofmajig  or Thingabob. I’m contributing several pictures that could be classified as any or all of… Continue reading It’s a What? Oojamaflip, Thingamagig, or Thingabob

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What Color Is Orange?

Color puzzles me. And it was a puzzle that presented its self in Debbie’s  Travel With Intent blog when she gave the prompt of Orange in her One Word Sunday Challenge. Is this orange, or gold, or peach, or yellow, or orange or…? So here are my orange interpretations. See more at     Does anyone… Continue reading What Color Is Orange?