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In Other Words–Carousel It was fun at first, looking like I could prance. Then some kid dropped his ice cream on my neck and I got stuck with one leg in the air. The damn carousel kept going around and around, And I got dizzy. Then I lost my smile and threw up.

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In Other Words: Beach For God’s sake, won’t someone pick me up. I’ll whisper in their ear, murmuring impossible promises: love, abundance, peace. If only they will carry me far from those damn punishing waves. If not, I’ll bite their ear off!

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Fireworks for Freedom

Happy July 4th–Independence Day in the United States The sky on fire with sound and light Flames dance and dart and fill the night Blues, reds and whites explode with ahhs Perhaps our cry for freedom’s cause With fireworks’ splendor hope takes flight This is my constribution to Patricia’s Place In Other Words with the… Continue reading Fireworks for Freedom

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In Other Words–Dancing

She was left swaying to her own music, intent on feeling the rhythm of days past, the movement, his sensuous touch, dismissing her pain of abandonment.  While dancing with her memories he disappeared into her past. Read more dancing stories at

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In Other Words, Leftovers.

Leftovers is the prompt from Patricia’s Place In Other Words challenge this week. See more ‘leftover’ stories of 5 lines or less at Left Over Leftovers It was a sandwich of Brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and what was left of the cranberry sauce. He didn’t want it. Nor did she. But Wally the Rottweiler downed… Continue reading In Other Words, Leftovers.

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In Other Words, Take a Vacation

Patricia’s Place prompt in today’s ‘in other words’ is Vacation. My feeble attempt at the task is below, but find far better ones at What is this? Heading to mountains and shores to get away, explore and restore hoping for needed rejuvenation is this what they call a vacation?

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In Other Words–Vows

This is my contribution to Patricia’s Place In Other Words with the prompt ‘Vows’. See more at   Vows The vows were exchanged, and were so bold. They promised a wide range filled with hope to hold.  We wait to see if these exchanged vows so bold, Can bridge the range and really hold.… Continue reading In Other Words–Vows

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Oh, The Meanings of Fresh

She picked the freshest fruit because of its fresh taste, while ignoring the fresh remarks from the fresh fellow. Heading home she enjoyed the fresh smell of freshly cut grass, knowing she would need to refresh herself to avoid any unfresh body odor.   My contribution to Patricia’s Place weekly challenge In Other Words–Fresh