Aloneness Aloneness forced by nature, perhaps to slow movement, allowing a clearer view of living. Stopping pursuits, exposing feelings. Learning myself, igniting the twigs of creativity as kindling begins a warming blaze. Fire erupts, insights born in the rising smoke, freeing restraints, clearing vision, making way as fears and joys emerge.

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Bernadette at http://www.HaddonMusings.com Jacqueline at http://www.Acookingpotandtwistedtales.com Joan at http://www.familyparentingandbeyoned.wordpress.com Oneta at http://www.onetahayes.com This week is my turn.  I hope you enjoy the quote. DISSENT Women in pink hats Looked a little bats. The powerful called them wrong. The wise called them strong. And unassisted They persisted. We are continuing the…

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Fragile Beings

Why are our heroes such fragile beings? I want my heroes to be strong and kind, Honest and moral. Not just handsome Or beautiful with more ego than sense. Why are our heroes such fragile beings With flaws of omission and commission? Politics and business, religion and arts Draw those with more ego than sense.… Continue reading Fragile Beings

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Stucker’s New Years Wishes

Kathryn Stucker penned this post for the new year, and it got lost in my inbox until today. it may be late for the new year, but the closer we get to the inauguration of the President-elect, the more this poem strikes a chord in my heart! Thanks Kathryn.   New Years Wishes   Enough… Continue reading Stucker’s New Years Wishes

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The Doglets’ Christmas Message

  Christmas greetings from the doglets Chili and Jasmine. Our annual venture onto the computer is restricted to the end of year holidays when our Pet is away. She is always surprised when she reads our blog wishing good cheer to everyone. Apparently she is too lazy to write about life the past 12 months.… Continue reading The Doglets’ Christmas Message

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Photographs on the Wall–Guest Blog

Kathryn Stucker has graced us with one of her poems for this holiday season. As she wrote when she sent it: “Since this is the season for thinking about family, here is a poem about family – ancestors and children.”   Photographs on the Wall   Family photographs on the wall Tie me to reality, prove… Continue reading Photographs on the Wall–Guest Blog

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A Good Life

Kathryn Stucker has contributed another delightful poem for today’s post. Makes you want to head to Arkansas, doesn’t it? WE GOT FLEAS ON THE DOG, CHIGGERS IN THE GRASS, HORNETS IN THE BARN, AND TICKS GOD KNOWS WHERE;   BUT THERE’S A SWIMMING HOLE NEAR, GIANT OAKS IN THE YARD, PINE TREES ON THE HILL,… Continue reading A Good Life

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Stucker Asks: “Who, What, Why, Where, When and How?”

Who, What, Why, Where, When and How  Who shall we ask to understand us? Who shall we ask to lead with wisdom? Who shall we ask to judge without bias? Who shall we ask to have a clear vision? What is in our future, prejudice and hate? What is in our future, acceptance and love?… Continue reading Stucker Asks: “Who, What, Why, Where, When and How?”

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Another Stucker Favorite

I’m A-settin’ and A-frettin’ I’m a settin’ and a-frettin’ ‘neath the old oak tree, Wonderin’ what has happened to me.  I’m a-settin’ and a-frettin’ in the rocking chair. What the heck happened to my fair hair? I’m a-settin’ and a-frettin’ on the wide front porch. How did I get such a big front paunch?  I’m… Continue reading Another Stucker Favorite

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Stucker Strikes Again!

Kathryn Stucker graces us with another of her poems. Glad to share her writings. I’d Like to Read a Story   I’d like to read a story that has Characters I can admire, A story with a message, A plot with twists and turns, An ending I can’t predict.   I’d like to read a… Continue reading Stucker Strikes Again!