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Pull Up a Seat, And He Did

My doglet Radar pulled up a seat on the back of the sofa, and he found it quite comfortable. Find more pull up a Seat pictures at Straddled Seat                                                    … Continue reading Pull Up a Seat, And He Did

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Pull Up A Seat–Waiting in Style

I love this slab of wood placed near the entrance of Live Aqua Hotel in San Miguel. Graceful and simple, it serves as a ‘waiting bench’ for patrons and visitors. And from the street, the bench highlights the lovely surroundings as one enters and exits the grand facility. See more Pull Up a Seat posts… Continue reading Pull Up A Seat–Waiting in Style

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Pull Up a Seat

I can’t get near a playground swing without wanting to jump into the seat and begin my ascent and descent thrill. I want to go as high as I can, then, I get scared and worry that I may go over the top. But the anticipation is addictive. Find more seat pictures at