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Healthy Addiction? One Wonders

Some days I counted my steps as I ran. Some days my head was down as I assured myself I could make it another block. Some days the heat caused the black top to shimmer just ahead of my steps. Some days the cold air sliced like a knife into my lungs Some days I… Continue reading Healthy Addiction? One Wonders

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Cheers for Winners

This is my contribution to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Challenge with the prompt of Cheers. Read more at her blog:   The police car urged me along from behind, inches from my scuffling feet, impatiently forcing my forward progress toward the finish line. Okay, okay. Don’t rush me. I struggled the final 100 yards,… Continue reading Cheers for Winners

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Learning Not to Do

Doing nothing is stressful. Guilt accosts idleness. Nervousness infringes on slow. Inaction breeds shame. I carried those feelings throughout my life and they remained in my retirement mind, cluttering the new reality that aging introduces. I grew up knowing there was one path on life’s road and it was marked ‘fast’: work hard, stay busy,… Continue reading Learning Not to Do

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Mind Over Fat?

I’ve believed, for many years, that what I visualize seems to work its way into my reality. I see a ‘dipped cone’, cold ice cream covered in crusty chocolate, and suddenly I’m turning into a Dairy Queen. Or, if thinking about a trip down the river, I can find myself suddenly washed into torrent rapids rushing… Continue reading Mind Over Fat?

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Was This Addiction? Oh No, It Was Running.

I’ve been thinking (and that is a dangerous thing) about this drive we seem to have as a nation to work out…as in exercising (eating could also be in that category). I’m not certain if we all want to lose weight, improve our health, look better, catch up on local gossip, flirt with someone, or… Continue reading Was This Addiction? Oh No, It Was Running.

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Who Me Aging? Nah!

I read recently that lots of things begin to diminish as we age. Duh! No kidding? Hard to believe, isn’t it? If you are over 50 you probably have noticed staying upright is a challenge, your hearing needs amping up, your eyesight is dimming, processing information takes a bit longer than it did just a… Continue reading Who Me Aging? Nah!