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I found these two doors along the same street in San Miguel de Allende, one featuring wood carving and the other iron work. Such diversity in this city. See more great door pictures at

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Doorway Decorated for the Holidays

This unusual Christmas decoration around a door in San Miguel de Allende caught my eye. Thought you might find it interesting as well. See more door pictures at Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge site:      

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More Than Doors

I wandered into an alcove recently in central San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and discovered not only a lovely door, but also outstanding artwork surrounding the entry. Here are some pictures of the fantastic images painted on the four walls and ceiling enhancing this entry.                     … Continue reading More Than Doors

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Norm’s Thursday Doors in Pink

My contributions to this week’s Thursday Doors Photo Challenge is about doors that are either pink or  in a pink setting, or have a pink hue, all found in San Miguel de Allende. Check out other great doors at Norm’s blog at