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A Christmas Thursday Door

This is a festive, although simple, door decorated for the Christmas season. I love the tree and the garland that may not be quite finished. Merry Christmas to door lovers.

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Thursday Doors

Norm’s Thursday Doors Photo Challenge is a marvelous way to get a glimpse of doors from around the world. Join the fun, submit a photo, and visit doorways from lands far and wide.       Do gates qualify as doors?   Would this be called a non-door?   I love this door handle. Never have… Continue reading Thursday Doors

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Thursday Doors December 1, 2016

My contribution to this week’s Thursday Doors challenge features this  door located somewhere in Rome, Italy and I’m thinking it is in or near the Vatican. Much to my sorrow, I can’t say for certain. Suffice to say, I found it impressive. I did not notice the writing above the door at the time, but once… Continue reading Thursday Doors December 1, 2016

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Flashback to the 40’s–Thursday Doors

  This door reminded me of my childhood. I think we had the exact same door with the screen door on our house in the late 40s and early 50s. We lived in Oklahoma at the time, and when I saw it, I was transported back to those days. that half-moon window, the screen door… Continue reading Flashback to the 40’s–Thursday Doors

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Thursday Doors or Gates

I’ve gone back to pictures I took while in China for this week’s Thursday Doors Challenge hosted by Norm’s Miscellaneous Musings of a Middle Aged Mind. The blocked gate seemed unused and neglected, but still showing a hint of its once grandeur.

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Thursday Doors

This door caught my eye as I was taking pictures for Halloween. I couldn’t decide if it was a witch’s abode, a Halloween decoration, or just a handy spot for the broom. And I loved the No Trespassing sign. This is my contribution to the Thursday Doors Challenge hosted by Musings of a Middle Aged Mind.… Continue reading Thursday Doors

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Thursday Doors

What’s a trip to London without a look at Buckingham Palace? Although not technically a door, the gates into the palace grounds are worth considering as the official ‘entry’ point, so I’m calling them doors for the Thursday Doors Challenge.            

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Color my Doors Blue

Thursday doors in blue brighten my day. In this Kenya educational complex, blue seemed to bring color, brightness, and hope to those who came to improve their skills, their minds, and their livelihood. And above each door the classrooms, offices and topics were identified.

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Thursday Doors–September 29

                                              This weather-beaten door was in a small town in China, and I liked not only the door, but the hardware that secured it.