More Musings

I’ve sharing more 50-word musings written this week. Hope you enjoy. Ritual I stare at the razor resting on my body, remembering hair curled under her stockings, glimpsed if she lifted her skirt. Unshaven legs on a woman? Maybe she hides more under her arms. The sharp edge slides across my skin. I feel the… Continue reading More Musings

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Humor and Time

With the upcoming time change and the call for humor from Travel With Intent weekly prompt, this bit of fun seems appropriate. Found this quote by Rastko Zakic on CoolFunnyQuotes.com See more humor inspired contributions at https://travelwithintent.com/2018/10/21/humour-beano-comic-dundee/


A 2 Z April Challenge–S-T

S for Straight A photo challenge for my blog had a prompt of Lines, so I went about searching for lines that I could capture with my camera. I had never thought about the topic, accepting that when we think of lines we think of them as straight. But, to my surprise, most lines aren’t… Continue reading A 2 Z April Challenge–S-T

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Time: It Races, Jogs, Drags, and Surprises

  It’s interesting how our perception of time changes depending on our age or anticipated events. As a kid, the time between September and June was forever. Time crept while I waited for summer and for the freedom we would have swimming, playing, sleeping late, and going to camp. And then, time flew. It was… Continue reading Time: It Races, Jogs, Drags, and Surprises

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A walk to remember

Originally posted on Inked Thoughts and Midnight Monologues:
The other day, I went for a late evening walk. My earphones and playlist were awaiting me but then something happened. * I gazed at the pale blue sky. The sun had softly settled behind the misty hills. I breathed in and then out. It felt different.…

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Photo Challenge–Time: Whatever

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/time/ Time…such an elusive concept. It stand stills. It drags. It rushes by. It is priceless. It is neglected. It is wasted. It is filled. So, this clock sums up my feelings about Time. photo-challenges/time/