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Curves Offer the Spice in Life

When I think of a curve, I think of a road winding up a mountain. Not just A curve, but a series of curves; plural vs. singular. My life is and has been a journey of curves, most of them not intended. Not one bend in the road, but a bunch of turns and twists… Continue reading Curves Offer the Spice in Life

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Are You a Backpack Specialist?

Packing for a trip has become a job, in and of itself. How much to pack?  How to pack?  What type of luggage? And the list goes on and on. In anticipation of a 2+ week trip sometime in the next year, I’ve begun looking at options. Not that I don’t have a closet full… Continue reading Are You a Backpack Specialist?

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

This odd ball photo challenge is about taking pictures of what else–odd ball things. So, here are some pictures I’ve taken that don’t fit in any category, but seem odd ball to me. Catch other odd ball pictures at the link below. These objects are in a bathroom of a most unusual home owned and… Continue reading Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

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Doors to Where?

  I’m in San Miguel, Mexico and have found wonderful doors–some old, some may be new, some ornate, some colorful, but each leaving me wondering: What do they hide? What secrets do they keep? Where do they lead? Who is behind each one? When were they made? And, Why in the world do I care? Do… Continue reading Doors to Where?

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Weekly Photo Challenge–Happy Places

My happy place is the hills of southeastern Oklahoma. No matter the time of year, it is the place I go to rejuvenate, contemplate, and reconnect to myself. These are some pictures I’ve taken on various trips to my haven at different times of the year.       Oh yes. Makes me want to pack up and… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge–Happy Places

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Crutches Aren’t For Everyone.

Friends were recently talking about their eagerness for winter so they could go skiing, hitting the slopes with fresh snow and plowing through virgin powder. I just shuddered. You see, my last experience on the slopes was memorable—unpleasant, but memorable. It was Christmas Eve, my first trip down the mountain, feeling invincible with fresh snow… Continue reading Crutches Aren’t For Everyone.