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Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge

A rusting tincan makes a useful planter, and is my contribution to this week’s Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge. Visit the link below to enjoy more texture pictures.    

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Mixed Textures This Tuesday

My Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge contribution for this week is a shot I took this week of flower petals along a stone driveway. The mixture of stone and flowers seemed a good way to show different textures. Enjoy more Texture photos at  

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Two Fire Hydrants, Two Challenges

I’m using these pictures for two challenges: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the prompt of fire trucks, fire houses and/or fire hydrants, and Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture. I think the both fire hydrants across  are lovely examples for both challenges. See more of both weekly challenges at: and               … Continue reading Two Fire Hydrants, Two Challenges

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Textures of An Iris

This close up of an Iris shows the various textures found in nature, so I’m submitting it for Tuesdays of Texture weekly challenge. The stems, the blossoms, the orange ‘fuzz’, the veins in the bloom…beg for you to touch it. More great pictures can be found at

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Lockers and Hydrants–Tuesdays of Texture

These lockers look a lot like the ones that lined the hallways in my high school 60 years ago, except for the color. Ours were grey, grey, and more grey. But, the red adds to the texture called for in Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture challenge.     Chipped paint on a water hydrant was… Continue reading Lockers and Hydrants–Tuesdays of Texture

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Texture of a Mushroom–Tuesdays of Texture

Tuesdays of Texture is always a challenge as it requires looking closely at the everyday items that I may not really ‘see’.                                         A large mushroom caught my eye I wanted to see the color differences, the flow of this unusual plant                                     And then I saw the leaf…