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I’m Traveling to Where?

Finally, I’m off on my travels to our southern neighbor, that would be Mexico in case  you are wondering which neighbor I’m referencing. My sis and I are renting a home in San Miguel de Allende for several months  and it is wonderful to be on our way, after weeks of planning and preparing for… Continue reading I’m Traveling to Where?

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In Other Words, Take a Vacation

Patricia’s Place prompt in today’s ‘in other words’ is Vacation. My feeble attempt at the task is below, but find far better ones at What is this? Heading to mountains and shores to get away, explore and restore hoping for needed rejuvenation is this what they call a vacation?

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Seeking Cool Weather

My body is screaming for cooler temperatures, and I have decided to heed its calling. I’m on my way to the high hills of Mexico where I will bask in 50-80 degree weather, letting the steam escape my pores for a month. Summer will not be over when I return around the first of September,… Continue reading Seeking Cool Weather

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Ireland, Here I Come!

Hey Folks, I’m leaving today on a 10 day trip to Ireland. That is the country, not a bridge in a rural area of Oklahoma. That means you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks, unless I can master posting on my blog from my iPad. Don’t think I’ll take my laptop,… Continue reading Ireland, Here I Come!