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Cats and Patience

These 2 cats intrigued me as I watched them patiently stalk, stare, sit, and spy at and on various objects and each other. I don’t have a cat, never had a cat, and never thought I would want one, but these were a study in Patience. See more Patience pictures and comments at

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Sunshine Yellow Weekend Prompts

When in Ireland several years ago, murals were cut into walls along a street in Killarney, Co. Kerry and I had to stop and get pictures. Each unique, and each enhanced by the yellow walls they were painted on. see more Sunshine Yellow pictures and writings at          

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Window Sills–Weekly Prompts

Pictures of interior window sills were hard to come by this week, but I had a couple that I could share. And I threw in a picture taken through my patio door of my two doglets.  See more at      Kitchen Chick    Lady of the Bath   Patio Watch Dogs

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Hats for Weekly Prompts

Here are my contributions to Weekly Prompts Saturday challenge with the subject of Hats. Find more at   Baseball Caps                                             Pirate Hats   Sun and Fun Hats            … Continue reading Hats for Weekly Prompts

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Grey or Gray or Many Colors of Both

Recently a Photo/Word Challenge went out for pictures of Grey, so of course I rushed out and took several pictures of what I thought were grey objects. As I viewed them, I realized grey is made up of many colors. I was a bit surprised, but thought I would share them with my readers so… Continue reading Grey or Gray or Many Colors of Both

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The Largest Tree, Thursday Tree, and Of Course, Christmas Trees

I’m showing pictures of the world’s largest tree and it is reportedly 2,000 years old! This tree is located in Oaxaca, Mexico, and one angle doesn’t do it justice, so I’m posting several angles of its massive trunk. I walked completely around this monster taking pictures of each side. It is magnificent and deserves to… Continue reading The Largest Tree, Thursday Tree, and Of Course, Christmas Trees

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Character..or Lack of

This is my response to the prompt challenge of a recent Weekly Prompts word of Character. Check out more responses at This Weekly Prompt topic has challenged me, forcing me to look at a word seldom if ever tripping over my lips. And that word is Character. I would consider myself a character, but do… Continue reading Character..or Lack of

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Magenta Rose–Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge

Here are my contrilbultions to this week’s Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge with the color of Magenta Rose for the prompt. See if you think I matched the color, and check to see other matches at            

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Weekly Prompts: Parks

‘I’ll beat you’ I hollered as we raced to the edge of the lake and powered our way toward a floating dock filled with youngsters wearing swimming attire popular in the late 1940’s. The floating dock that inspired many swimming competitions as a kid. Whose hand touched first was never the point. It was the challenge… Continue reading Weekly Prompts: Parks


Hay + Wire= Haywire

I know, this isn’t exactly the definition of Haywire as was suggested, but I’ve been wondering why I took this picture of bales of hay a few years ago, and decided this is as good a place to use it as any. See more Haywire pictures at this week’s Weekly Prompts   Hay Plus… Continue reading Hay + Wire= Haywire