What Happened to Simple?

All I want to do is write something and post it. Is that too complicated? Well it wasn’t for several years, but suddenly it has become cumbersome, awkward, confusing, frustrating, and yes, complicated. The new WordPress block editor is driving me a bit nuttier than I have been known to be. And I want to… Continue reading What Happened to Simple?

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Who Am I?

Who am I, and why am I here? If I don’t know, then who does?  And I’m not certain I can answer either of those questions with clarity, insight, or honesty. The question arises as part of the WordPress University 101 course that I’ve enrolled in…again. The task for yesterday was to share who I… Continue reading Who Am I?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: eye-spy

This week’s photo challenge prompt is titled Eye-spy, and here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/eye-spy/ A trusting soul   A judging soul   A knowing soul   A critical soul   A wise soul   An enticing soul   And my all time favorite: A whimsical soul

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Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle is this week’s The Daily Post photo challenge. Nothing like the sun twinkling off the water on an early fall day.   Twinkle | The Daily <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/twinkle/”>Twinkle</a&gt;

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What Do You Think?

Okay, I need help. I’m playing around with my blog ‘style’ including colors, themes, and my logo, and your input would be nice. I do understand this is a ‘no win’ situation, because what you might like your neighbor might hate, but probably your neighbor isn’t reading this blog…so, just stay with me here. My… Continue reading What Do You Think?

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award by Amanpan, who is witty, introspective, and creative. Be entertained while enjoying your coffee at Brew n Spew: https://amanpan.com/2015/10/08/thank-you/  This is my first Liebster Award, in fact, my first award as a blogger, and I want to recognize other bloggers whose work I admire. These blogging awards may appear self-serving, but they allow… Continue reading Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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One Word Photo Challenge: Night

The coming night skies take my breath away when I watch their reminder of another day’s ending.   And when the light disappears from the skies we push away the darkness hoping our light will sustain us through the night. http://jennifernicholewells.com/2014/01/28/one-word-photo-challenge/

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The Older the Better?

It takes a bit of age in order to understand some humor. Translation: you have to be old to fully appreciate sentiments expressed by those who came before us. I have hanging in my house a poem in my Grandmother’s handwriting dated 1950 that apparently showed what she was thinking at the time. It reads:… Continue reading The Older the Better?

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It Was Just a Cracker!

It was just a cracker. It wasn’t a big deal, until it was. Who would have thought that picking up a cracker from someone’s paper plate would create a scene that small children would be banned from viewing? It never occurred to me that it wasn’t okay to liberate a morsel of food that looked… Continue reading It Was Just a Cracker!