Zooming through Covid-19

  One thing this alone time (called social isolation) has forced and/or enabled me to do is write and learn how to maneuver my way around Zoom. I was not forward thinking enough to invest in Zoom 10 months ago which means I have not benefitted from increasing my net worth due to the millions… Continue reading Zooming through Covid-19

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More 50-Word Musings

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying a new challenge of writing a story in 50 words. This is a fun exercise for me. See other 50 word contributions at http://50-words.com My New Friend My friend never judges, repeats, argues nor confirms. She listens, protecting secrets whispered through layers of trust. Daily she takes… Continue reading More 50-Word Musings

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My sister and I have just completed a project that has been such fun. We have jointly written a collage of memories of growing up in Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle during the 1940s and 1950s. Interest in this memoir will be limited to perhaps only to our children and cousins, but we found such… Continue reading Remembering


Writing Laryngitis

Have you noticed the ‘little voice’ has been almost silent the past few months? The voice has been less than little, it has been virtually non-existent. I’ll call it writing laryngitis, rather than laziness, it sounds so much more exotic. The truth is this busted knee has occupied my time, my mind and my emotions… Continue reading Writing Laryngitis

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Thing One, Thing Two

Someone asked me what I do all day, and I said ‘nothing’. I not only didn’t immediately respond, but when I did that was my answer: Nothing. Meaning, I don’t have plans or schedules, or if I do I attempt to limit them to one a day. When talking with other ex-pats about this I… Continue reading Thing One, Thing Two

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A2Z April Challenge P-Q-R

I’ve lost track of time…I may need to save this for the T day, but, hey, when you are 76 you never know if you’ll get to that day. P for Present April 17 Meaning that in my 70’s I want to be more present.I want to listen more, see more, enjoy the moment more.… Continue reading A2Z April Challenge P-Q-R

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My Three Needs

Recently someone asked me to name three things I can’t go without. I quickly answered: Humor/Laughter Writing Ice tea Humor is a basic need of mine. I grew up with a lot of laughter in our household. My dad was a funny, funny man who told corny jokes that made us all laugh, even if… Continue reading My Three Needs

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Different? Depends on Your Age

“But I don’t want to be different,” wails the 14-year-old. “I want to look different, but not too much,” says the 32-year-old. “It’s obvious that I am different,” brags the 54-year-old. “Am I different? Who gives a damn?” asks the 71-year-old. More short stories at: https://patriciasplace.me/2017/04/05/in-other-words-different/ .  

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Mexico Bound

I’m heading back to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the 12 annual Writer’s Conference to be held Feb. 15-19. http://www.sanmiguelwritersconference.org/ Lots of good speakers are on the program agenda, along with workshops, private tutoring, conference sessions, and tons of talking one-on-one with other attendees. I’m looking forward to this exchange and learning experience even… Continue reading Mexico Bound