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An Invite and Free Money…

How many of these offers have you received? But the real question is, how many of these offers have you accepted?


Once in a while I go thru my junk mail bin, this morning I found out that Mr. Leeches Escalle was kind enough to send me an invitation to meet a woman he knows who would actually want to be with me sexually. I find it so caring that he knows sweet innocent Ella, who by the way just happened to take a nude selfie; though I think Ella isn’t being truthful with my new buddy because guys like Keys Dangling and Disney Mufasa also have sent me the same e-mail invite to meet her.

Then there’s the e-mail from Southwest Airline, it seems they have a ticket waiting for me. Let’s see what I must do to get the ticket… Hmmm, sounds reasonable, all they want is my mother’s maiden name and my social security number. Wait now, I think a cashiers check for dollars 50 made out to…

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