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Landscape Photo Challenge

Here is my landscape photo as part of Nadine Merrill Photo a Week challenge. This shot was taken in the Oaxaca, Mexico area where we walked through some excavated Mayan ruins with the mountains in the background. Check out other landscape pictures at  

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Thursday Doors and Flower of the Day Photo Challenges

This door picture fills two photo challenges: Norm’s Thursday Doors and Cee’s Flower of the Day. Cee doesn’t say the flowers have to be real or alive or attractive, and Norm hasn’t insisted the doors are beautiful. Found this door in Puebla, Mexico. See entries for both of these photo challenges at    

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Musings About Changes

I raced to the kitchen, knowing what would be waiting for my 10-year-old fingers to eagerly grab. I knew because I could smell real butter, double-sifted flour, and fresh apples melting and blending as grandmother opened the door on the wood-fired stove to remove the perfect pie. It wasn’t the pie that held my attention,… Continue reading Musings About Changes

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Norm’s Thursday Doors

I love the rock work, shrubbery, and unique wooden doors such a nice mix of textures  when I saw this entry in Puebla, Mexico. See more door pictures at

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Thursday Doors–Puebla Style

Admittedly, I was more interested in the decorations above the doors and windows of this commercial business than the actual entries, but where else would I post these pictures except in Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge. Found these in Puebla, Mexico. See more at                                      … Continue reading Thursday Doors–Puebla Style

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Whose Truth are You Following?

Not being a regular Facebook follower, I was surprised to see a post from someone requesting a practical, unemotional, thoughtful argument about the merits (or demerits, if there is such a word) of our current political leadership. I had to laugh out loud. Someone tell me who would go to Facebook to get practical, unemotional… Continue reading Whose Truth are You Following?

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This hibiscus caught my eye on one of my daily walks. Love the way the light caught the veins and the various colors in each layer of the bloom. See more flower pictures for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge at