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Harmonizing is Easy, Remembering Words Isn’t

In my next life I want to be a backup singer. I’m making plans now to fulfill that dream by practicing my harmonizing and word retention skills.  You ask, “Why don’t you join a band during this lifetime, just in case the next one doesn’t materialize?” Because it didn’t occur to me that I wanted… Continue reading Harmonizing is Easy, Remembering Words Isn’t

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A Variety of Thursday Doors

Norm’s weekly Thursday Door Photo Challenge is always good to find some great door pictures, and here are examples I found in my archive. Enjoy more at                                Vatican entry   Doors to patios              … Continue reading A Variety of Thursday Doors

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Seeking Cool Weather

My body is screaming for cooler temperatures, and I have decided to heed its calling. I’m on my way to the high hills of Mexico where I will bask in 50-80 degree weather, letting the steam escape my pores for a month. Summer will not be over when I return around the first of September,… Continue reading Seeking Cool Weather

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And The Fog Seeps In

Foggy days and Foggy nights describes my entry in Jennifer’s Weekly Weather Challenge with a prompt of fog.                         Bridge over Colorado River in La Grange, TX   Shore line along Colorado River in Texas                  … Continue reading And The Fog Seeps In

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‘Edgy’ Photos of A Week Challenge

Nadia Merrill wanted pictures featuring an edge for A Photo A Week Challenge. Here are various pictures of ‘edgy’ pictures. See more at :                                Underground home from the top edge                    … Continue reading ‘Edgy’ Photos of A Week Challenge

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Two Fire Hydrants, Two Challenges

I’m using these pictures for two challenges: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the prompt of fire trucks, fire houses and/or fire hydrants, and Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture. I think the both fire hydrants across  are lovely examples for both challenges. See more of both weekly challenges at: and               … Continue reading Two Fire Hydrants, Two Challenges

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Odd Ball Trash Cans

  City trash cans are usually not quite so colorful as these I found near Times Square in New York City. That made them odd to me, and perfect for this week’s Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. See other odd ball shots at  

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Medicare in Peril

I’m not usually an alarmist, but we all are impacted by action taken by our elected officials. This is an important read from Time Goes By. I urge you to read it, and take action this week. This is critical to the future of million of Americans.

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A Year Below the Mason-Dixon Line

At the age of 17, I hadn’t learned the art of saying no to my mother. Nor did I have the courage needed to challenge her.  She was a force that didn’t tolerate resistance, especially if it was obvious you weren’t going to win. So, when she announced, quite suddenly, I was going to a… Continue reading A Year Below the Mason-Dixon Line