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Day 1092: Dreams

Originally posted on The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally:
Here are some of my associations with “Dreams” on this Monday of the week between Christmas and the New Year of 2016: This time of year feels particularly dream-like to me, I think and talk a lot about dreams, at work and elsewhere. One of my…


Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

The imagery and the research are beautiful and need to be shared by all. Here’s to Mother Christmas, Mother new year and Mother Deer. Gather Victoria In the ancient northern religions it was the female horned reindeer who drew the sleigh of the mother or sun goddess at winter solstice. It was when we “Christianized”… Continue reading Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

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Whew, It’s Over!

Christmas has come and gone, and I avoided bodily harm. No broken arm reaching for a discounted shirt that someone else thought would be perfect on their ½ brother’s cousin’s skinny body, and no blows to the head trying to get the last bag of cranberries. Whew. What a relief it is. Now all I… Continue reading Whew, It’s Over!

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Doglet’s 2015 Christmas Letter

Another holiday season is here and I have much to report about the trials and tribulations of being the alpha female in the house my ‘pet’ maintains. As you may recall from my Christmas message a year ago, I am the senior doglet of my human pet, who has yet to understand her lower position… Continue reading Doglet’s 2015 Christmas Letter

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Best Christmas Chuckles for Your Sunday

Yes, Christmas does bring out the questionable humor in most of us. Found this on https://nutsrok.wordpress.com/2015/12/13/best-christmas-chuckles-for-your-monday/ and on http://dreambigdreamoften.co/2015/12/14/best-christmas-chuckles-for-your-sunday/ Check both blogs out…they are entertaining. View original post


* What’s the Difference Between Strength and Courage?

Originally posted on Find Your Middle Ground:
Courage comes from the French word “coeur” meaning heart. Being courageous means facing our fears and coming from our heart rather than our head. Its a place where we face our vulnerabilities and overcome them through compassion and love. As a child in Scotland I was told I…

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It Wasn’t Me!

You have been subjected to my rantings about my frustrations with Windows 10. Now I must revise my complaints, give praise where praise is deserved, and go off in my corner of the world and suck my thumb. No question it takes an expert to navigate through the Windows download, set up, start-up, and call… Continue reading It Wasn’t Me!


Past Imperfect – #289

Originally posted on Bonnywood Manor:
Mop-Etta: “Do you really love me?” Gene: “With all of my heart, because that’s what the lyrics in this song say.” Mop-Etta: “But you understand that we can never have children because, well, I don’t have any lower organs.” Gene: “It doesn’t matter, my floor-cleansing beauty. We can always adopt.…