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Color Your World March 25-31

It’s the Easter season and color bursts from every corner. See more Color Your World pictures at Jungle Green, March 25                      Denim, March 26 Unmellow Yellow, March 27                       Orange, March 28 .  Lavender, March… Continue reading Color Your World March 25-31

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Easter Processions and …

My contribution to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge includes 2 pictures taken in San Miguel. The first one is of the Holy Wednesday procession held annually in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the public veneration of The Lord of the Blow, and follows a route in the central part of the city. The event began… Continue reading Easter Processions and …

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

This Bird is all Alone

I’m aware you must stretch your imagination to understand why I selected this photo for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the prompt ‘Alone’. When I look at the expression on this bird’s face, I think he is mad as hell because he is alone with all that growth around him. Yep, you can tell I’m… Continue reading This Bird is all Alone

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Thursday Doors for Easter

Many doors in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico are decorated with colorful flowers for Easter, so I’m sharing some of those doors with you. And I threw in a door that I like the color combination that looks like Easter to me. See more doors at  

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Rise and Set with the Daily Post

I found several sunrise and sunset pictures for the Daily Post Photo Challenge with the prompt of ‘Rise/Set’. Enjoy more pictures from the challenge at Sunrise in Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia Sunset in La Grange, Texas Sunrise in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Sunset in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico    

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The View is Different from Here

Moving unearths the damnest things. I don’t mean moving as in changing locations, packing your belongings and marching into strange territory…although that could be included in what I’m talking about. I’m referring to moving as in taking steps, the simple motion of relocating from sofa to bed to bathroom to closet to kitchen sink to… Continue reading The View is Different from Here

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The Perils of Step-Mothering

“I can’t see”, he whispered as he touched my shoulder. I jerked awake, not grasping his words, but registering the urgency and fear in his voice. “What? What is wrong?” I mumbled as I struggled to sit up while reaching for the light switch. “I can’t see. I can’t open my eyes,” the 14-year-old youngster… Continue reading The Perils of Step-Mothering

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Sunday Trees in San Miguel de Allende

I found my contribution to this week’s Sunday Trees Photo Challenge along a lovely street in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Hope you see many more tree pictures  you like at

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Color Your World March 18-24

Color Your World’s challenge is all about colors, and here are my contributions to this week’s colorful array. See more at Shamrock Door Street Art Navy Blue Laser Lemon in Table Tile       Door Hardware in Sepia   Chinese Magenta                 Fuchsia Flowers Watering Can Red… Continue reading Color Your World March 18-24