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What Still Fits ?

A group of family women were entertaining themselves over the Thanksgiving dinner table when the topic of weight surfaced. Not unusual after a third helping of pumpkin pie and Blue Bell ice cream. We were lamenting how the distribution of our weight seems to shift, especially when 20, 30, 40 pounds have been added to our… Continue reading What Still Fits ?

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Who Wanted This Monday Window?

Do not ask me what is so interesting about this window because I haven’t any idea. I thought it unusual and I snapped a picture of it as I was walking the neighborhood. Something charming and intriguing about it. It’s not a typical nautical porthole, so what architectural genre is it?   Slip on over to… Continue reading Who Wanted This Monday Window?

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“I’m a Liberal,” She Whispered

Who knew? Who knew I would cry in despair for 2 days after the election? Who knew thousands of women across this nation would be crying over the results? Who knew dozens of those women live in within 20 miles of me? Who knew?   Well, I didn’t know any of that. It took several… Continue reading “I’m a Liberal,” She Whispered

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Dust Storms

I spent the better part of my childhood in the Panhandle of Texas and as a kid it never occurred to me to complain about dust storms…they were part of life, like walking to school, eating dinner with family, hanging out with friends. I either wasn’t very attuned to life around me, or it never… Continue reading Dust Storms

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Flashback to the 40’s–Thursday Doors

  This door reminded me of my childhood. I think we had the exact same door with the screen door on our house in the late 40s and early 50s. We lived in Oklahoma at the time, and when I saw it, I was transported back to those days. that half-moon window, the screen door… Continue reading Flashback to the 40’s–Thursday Doors

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And What Happened to You?

No, I was not in a bar fight.         No, I didn’t fall on my face. No, I didn’t get into a boxing match with a crazed bully. No, a train did not hit me. I look like this on purpose. Hard to believe something good will come out of looking like I lost a ‘poke in… Continue reading And What Happened to You?