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Where are the Rules for Growing Old?

I need a how-to book on growing old. There are things about aging that my mother did not mention, those ‘unspeakable’ topics that we are too embarrassed to discuss. Or is it that we don’t want our children to know the down sides of getting on in years? It also can be a joke we… Continue reading Where are the Rules for Growing Old?

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Granny Mae Saves the World, Part I: That Damn Budget Mess

Originally posted on Bonnywood Manor:
  Note: Some of my long-time blog buddies may recall the peripheral character of Granny Mae Dean, the ancient-but-wise proprietor of Granny Mae’s Bait Shack and Trailer Park, who would pop up from time to time, holler out something sweet and spicy, then wander back to wherever she come from.…

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More Doors, More Mysteries

Doors are always intriguing. They offer opportunities, questions, solutions, surprises, and wonder. As part of the Thursday Doors challenge, here are a few of my favorites that I saw while wandering the streets of San Miguel, Mexico. Hope you enjoy them.

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God Danced The Day You Were Born

Today is my 74th birthday. Someone gave me a coffee cup years ago that reads ‘God Danced The Day You Were Born’, and I’m delighted my Higher Power is doing a gig on my behalf!  Below is a link to a YouTube video of a group singing the song ‘God Danced the Day You Were Born’… Continue reading God Danced The Day You Were Born

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Help, Let Me Count the Ways Today’s Daily Prompt is ‘Help’. I yell it when I’m desperate:  ‘HELP!!’ I whisper it with relief when someone steps up: “Sigh”.   I reject it when my ego is bruised: “Go away.”   I yearn for it when I hurt: “Hold me.”   I offer it: “I’m here.”   I embrace it always: “Thank… Continue reading Help, Let Me Count the Ways


Study Finds Cat Owners to be Complete Losers

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
Throughout the history of the planet, most species have evolved in a predictable manner.  The ones who avoided extinction became more adept at survival, either through brute force or through domestication. Only cats and Republicans refused to adapt, and both are currently suffering the consequences. We shall…

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge–Fire and Water

Now I don’t know about you, but this piece of art caught my eye. I’m classifying it as an odd ball photo because I haven’t a clue as to what category it belongs. Any suggestions are welcome. I’m hoping someone doesn’t point out that it could porn, just because he seems to be ‘aflame’, or at… Continue reading Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge–Fire and Water