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Curves Offer the Spice in Life

When I think of a curve, I think of a road winding up a mountain. Not just A curve, but a series of curves; plural vs. singular. My life is and has been a journey of curves, most of them not intended. Not one bend in the road, but a bunch of turns and twists… Continue reading Curves Offer the Spice in Life

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The Lost Art of Whispering

It seems to me the older we get the less we whisper. In fact, our voices get louder as our hearing diminishes. Guess when we can’t hear we shout in order to hear ourselves speak. Often it isn’t the volume that makes it difficult to understand someone, but rather it is the speed at which they talk. I’m… Continue reading The Lost Art of Whispering

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Stretched in Dance

This was a dance routine I saw while in San Miguel, Mexico, and it demonstrates how we stretch and are stretched, but continue to be connected. These dancers were able to intertwine, separate, be drawn back in, all while expressing themselves individually as they stretched their boundaries. It was a graceful and interesting dance. Emotography… Continue reading Stretched in Dance

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Solitude Is Necessary

Solitude is intriguing. It nourishes me, it drains me, it demands from me, and it leads me to interaction. I’ve spent most of my life not participating in any activity that was solitude in nature. I wanted people around me. I wanted activity and interaction, and lots of it. But I’m becoming accustomed to my alone… Continue reading Solitude Is Necessary

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Humpty Dumpty Sat On a Wall…

I love visiting towns where works of art are displayed  on the streets, particularly various sculptures. I’m not thinking of statues of soldiers on a horse with guns and swords at the ready. My taste runs more to the quirky, or odd ball. Recently I was in Eureka Springs, AK for a family reunion, and I… Continue reading Humpty Dumpty Sat On a Wall…

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Flowers of All Kinds

Cee’s Photography blog features and encourages photos of flowers. This is my contribution to the array you can find at Yellow                                              Red   Coral                       … Continue reading Flowers of All Kinds