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The Older the Better?

It takes a bit of age in order to understand some humor. Translation: you have to be old to fully appreciate sentiments expressed by those who came before us. I have hanging in my house a poem in my Grandmother’s handwriting dated 1950 that apparently showed what she was thinking at the time. It reads:… Continue reading The Older the Better?

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Hitch a Ride

I am participating in a foto challenge and last week’s topic was Transportation. I chose one of my favorite pictures taken in China, but as I perused my pictures, I realized I had taken several shots that I thought were interesting. So I’m sharing them with you on my blog. Hand Pulled Carts: This father was hauling a… Continue reading Hitch a Ride


SuperMoon, Lunar Eclipse This Weekend

Originally posted on Here There and Everywhere:
By: The Weather Channel Most all of North America, South America and Africa will have a chance to see something truly amazing on Sunday when three celestial events – a full moon, a supermoon, and a lunar eclipse – will coincide for a few hours. The majority of…


The sausage casserole that was BANNED for life

Originally posted on Cat in the Cactus:
“It’s just a sausage casserole. I swear it!” Warning:  This post contains a seemingly x-rated image – but it’s really a sausage casserole! I froze.  My new young husband was choking, red faced and making the noise our cat makes when hacking up a hairball.  But this was no…


Vaccines—I Finally Address The Issue (Heaven Help Me…)

Originally posted on Carrie Rubin:
Even though this is a writing blog, given my physician background I occasionally post about medical issues. One topic I’ve avoided, however, is vaccination. Having personally experienced the transition from near-complete parental acceptance of vaccines to near-daily opposition during my time in clinical pediatric practice, the topic has left me…


The massive spider that scared us to death

Originally posted on Cat in the Cactus:
It was a pitch-black night when my boyfriend and I spotted the massive hairy spider walking up our windscreen.  It stopped.  Our eyes focused on the big dark silhouette at the same time, yet neither of us spoke.  I kept driving, eyes darting from it to the road.  Boyfriend remained silent.…

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And Where Have You Been the Past 40 Years?

You know you have lived a long time when you hear from someone who has been lost in decades of moves, changes, marriages, and life. But, lo and behold, I received a letter from an old friend this week, someone I haven’t heard from since 1967. Or was it 1968? Anyway, 40+ years of living… Continue reading And Where Have You Been the Past 40 Years?