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Bum Bags (F…y p…s) are Back!

I just read a blog ( about the resurgence of what we uncouth Americans call ‘fanny packs’, but the British English call ‘Bum Bags’.

And this is noteworthy, why?

For some (young, or better dressed, or men), you may have no idea what a fanny pack is, but to us oldies who never had a sensitive eye for fashion, this news is greeted with a chorus of  ‘Hallalujah’,  ‘Amen’, ‘I told you they were a good thing’, ‘At last’, and a smug smirk of approval. Yes, this is wonderful news, and long overdue.

I bought my first fanny pack after my mother died. I had to wait because she would have been appalled if she had seen this tacky accessory strapped around my waist. No matter how practical, useful, or handy a fanny pack may have been, it was just too tasteless to be worn.

So, on a trip to Las Vegas, the capital of gaucheness, I purchased a wonderful pack that sported ‘Golden Nugget’ in gold lettering embossed on the front. fanny packs, Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, tacky, accessory , purse Admittedly, it wasn’t the prettiest item I had ever bought, but it served the purpose of allowing my hands to be free in order to pull the levers (2 at a time) of slot machines strategically placed within easy reach no matter where you happened to find yourself. (This obviously in the days before slot machine cards).

If you have never enjoyed the freedom of a fanny pack versus the restrictions of a purse, then you must race out and secure one. You will discover independence as never before experienced.

Oh the joy of being unencumbered.

No longer will you hang your head in shame or be shunned by family members who are embarrassed by your lack of taste. No, you will represent the latest in high fashion.

Granted, you can find/purchase/wear more attractive fanny packs than my travel-worn one, but if a thief is tempted to cut the straps around my waist to grab said pack, he/she would not be overly motivated by one from the Golden Nugget. Maybe a more enticing one would be from the Bellagio or the Venetian.

Golden Nugget is just too tacky, even for a thief.



14 thoughts on “Bum Bags (F…y p…s) are Back!

    1. It certainly is Peter. However, I’m guessing that like me you wondered what on earth this post was going to be about. We’re probably best not telling her that her phrase has a totally different meaning in the UK!

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      1. OH I do remember when in Australia 30 years ago I used that term and the women blanched. A sympathetic woman took me aside and explained that ‘fanny’ is not a word used in polite society. I used that word rather than ‘butt’, thinking I was being more socially acceptable. Little did I know…

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      1. Very much. Wilde and Henry Sweet both said it right – we are nations divided by a common language and that is not a bad thing. Difference, so long as it is embraced is what makes this world of ours colourful and exciting, I rather think.

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