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Meandering Across Ireland

I’ve returned from my trip to Ireland with tales to tell. Not just about where we were, when we were where we were, or why we were where we were, but more about the small things that delighted us.

Actually, not everything ‘delighted us’. In fact, several episodes were a bit stressful and uncomfortable, but overall, it was a marvelous experience.

Ireland, wreck, car wreck, adventures


Yep, this is how the trip began: a run in with a semi, my vehicle did not come out the winner. After several hours sitting in rush hour traffic in Fort Worth waiting on a wrecker, we did make it to the airport safe and sound.

Our excursion did improve though. Well, let’s say we didn’t have another wreck, but there was this learning curve about driving on the left side of a road vs. the American style of right hand driving. That created some uncomfortable moments as we attempted to maneuver around a ’round about’ going in the wrong direction and not figuring out how to get off the darn thing.

Where were my tranquilizers when I needed them?

But aside from clipping a few branches of road hugging vegetation and becoming personally familiar with some curbs, we got lost only once, well, maybe twice. But we didn’t care, it was fun to explore narrow paths that most tourists don’t get to see.


Ireland, wreck, car wreck, adventures, road signs


The driving highlight was discovering a new road sign. I think this means ‘beware’, ‘alarm’, ‘be prepared’, or whatever you want it to mean, so of course I had to take a picture of it. You have to admit, it gets your attention.

We discovered this on one of those one-lane-back roads we hadn’t intended to be on. Even wrong roads can lead to interesting sights.


Ireland, photos, Falcons, hawks, Falconry, birds

We met this lovely hawk at the Ireland School of Falconry, and took the brother and sister pair on a little walk about on the castle grounds. I’m getting the old ‘evil eye’ from Mr. Hawk before we journeyed out. Great fun watching them fly from your well-protected arm to a tree branch, and then come swooping back to perch on your arm. Did you know that hawks are curious, and very leery of going around corners because they can’t see what is ahead? A  bit of information for you to process. Ireland, photos, Falcons, hawks, Falconry, birds


Other birds we encountered were along the Cliffs of Moher. The dramatic vista of the Cliffs were amazing, as were the birds that we found basking in the sunlight.

Ireland, photos, Falcons, hawks, Falconry, birds, cliffs, Cliffs of Moher

And this was the view below their peaceful perch.

Ireland, photos, Falcons, hawks, Falconry, birds, cliffs, Cliffs of Moher














No doubt you have reached your boredom quota for the day. Looking at other’s vacation pictures can do that to you. More on another day.


8 thoughts on “Meandering Across Ireland

  1. That’s too bad about your vehicle, not a great way to start a vacation. The photos are fabulous, I especially like the ones of the gulls on the cliff.


  2. Enjoyed reading your post.
    Was wondering if it’s my computer or your post, the last few days, posts of yours have all broken links for your photos so I cannot view them, no other website I visit have that problem sp I think it must be your end. Sorry, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it.
    Have a nice day.


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