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More Zoloft, Please

Watching the news has me grabbing my bottle of antidepressants and gobbling a handful, hoping I won’t cut my wrist before they kick in to soothe my ever-growing anxiety about the state of our country.

Force feeding the orange one truth pills would be a start to easing my concern, but that seems unlikely for the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Apparently, those surrounding him are protecting his hamburger diet checking to ensure his tweeting misstatements will keep pouring forth unabated.

Making light of this doesn’t do justice to the seriousness of the turmoil he is creating. Jokes and ridicule aren’t dampening his brazen behaviour, but seem to embolden him.

The affirmations from the right are focused on what appears to be a rising economic climate, and an appreciation for his ‘tough guy’ ‘make changes’ attitude. He is getting rave reviews about his upcoming meetings with the North Korean, Chinese and Russian leaders, which are expected to increase those countries’ world positions. Who doesn’t hope that something positive comes from these interactions? But will we know the truth about what is promised, agreed upon, and pledged behind closed doors?.  Will we know what concessions have been made privately, and what quid pro quo has been offered? Who will benefit financially and politically from any private ‘deals’?

I want a healthy economy. I want world leaders to talk and negotiate. What I don’t want is for the United States of America’s world leadership sold or bargained away to feed the ego of one white man.

What I don’t want is our country to be split apart because we have ignored laws, standards, values that have kept this nation, while not perfect, offering hope to the people of the world.

I’m angry. I’m fearful. I’m concerned. I’m frustrated. I feel impotent to stop this madness.

What are we to do? Yes, vote for those who will uphold our Constitution. Yes, rally our neighbours to stand up for our common ideals. Will this be enough? I don’t know. My friends who support this president are determined not to hear or believe truth. Likewise, I am just as determined not to lose this nation because of blindness or deafness.

Who can lead the opposition that speaks to those who know and believe and understand that now is the time to take back our nation? If the answer is at the polls, then we must beg, drag, and offer hope to every person who wants better for their families and for our future. The active resistance that we saw and participated in a year ago seems to be dwindling and losing vitality. Who can revive the fire?

The answer to who will lead is you and me. We must flood the voting booths because this is not a war fought with bullets, but rather a battle won by votes.

Yep, I may need more pills before November, but it is critical I keep my voice loud and strong.





23 thoughts on “More Zoloft, Please

  1. Well said!!!

    From: that little voice Reply-To: that little voice Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 8:23 PM To: Paula James Subject: [New post] More Zoloft, Please

    WordPress.com that little voice posted: “Watching the news has me grabbing my bottle of antidepressants and gobbling a handful, hoping I won’t cut my wrist before they kick in to soothe my ever-growing anxiety about the state of our country. Force feeding the orange one truth pills would be a”


  2. I’m at the lake with virtually no TV and I am enjoying my ignorance. Though I suppose that doesn’t help the country at all. I’ll be home in time to vote for sure. I agree the only people that can change the way this is all going is us regular folks.


  3. I share your anger, fear, concern, and frustration. Al the more so because I’m not seeing a viable alternative thus far – I think the Democratic Party is not quite together enough, but would voting for an independent candidate be a waste? I don’t know – I guess we have awhile to worry about that – sadly. I think it’s going to take a lot of work and time to regain any respect from what have been our allies, but I’m not sure still are.


    1. Thanks Don. I find myself so agitated about what is going on. I want action and the voting booth seems like an indirect form of resistance. Maybe I like big marches and vocal outcries.


  4. I’d say you’re too late in your wish “What I don’t want is our country to be split apart..” We’re divided, maybe permanently. And yeah, I took that out of context a little. I, too, am horrified at what’s unfolding and unable to do a damned thing about it. Given the obvious corruption of our voting system, how can anything be changed? I’m merely curious, not trying to fuss on your comment section, but I AM mystified. “We” (the American people) have no voice. A few have robbed us of that inalienable right.. IMHO.


    1. Certainly, you are correct in noting we are divided, and I trust not permanently. This country faced similar divisions over the Civil War, and hopefully, no others lose their lives as we muddle through this break. I’m also optimistic that the American people do have a voice and will exercise it judiciously.


  5. Believe me friend, I share you sentiments. I keep praying – literally – that there are some in DC or traveling with him who are doing what they can to minimize the damage and we just aren’t privy to their efforts. Short of that, I pray that when this ends – and it will – our allies will forgive us and invite us back into the fold. I mean every country he’s going out of his way to offend has their own less-than-stallar history. So perhaps they’ll chalk this us to our time of insanity and let us play with them again. When this ends. Beto has kept his first promise – to make to every single one of our state’s 284 counties to campaign. I do think he has a chance. I’m certainly pulling for him.

    Kathryn Haueisen Freelance Author http://www.HowWiseThen.com https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKHaueisen



    1. Beto gets my vote. I hope there are enough folks who will vote and vote for him. And, I hope there are wise ones around who will take an active part in getting voters to the polls. Easy for me to say since I am in Mexico!


    2. Is this like having an alcoholic uncle who comes to Christmas dinner? We all have one, so every family understands. I’m voting for Beto, hope there are enough wise folks in the state who will recognize common sense.


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