They can be joyful, as in giving birth to a child after 9 months of pregnancy.

They can be fearful, as in changing careers.

They can be sad, as in losing a loved one.

They can be uncertain, as in retirement.

They can be frustrating, as in ending a relationship.

No matter the ending, reactions boil to the surface attempting to find an outlet without crippling you emotionally, physically or mentally. Maybe you want to scream with delight or bellow with disgust.

So that is where we are today in our world. Be you in Ukraine where unprovoked war erupts, or in the United States where inaction by government leaders, rulings against the majority’s desires, evidence of misconduct by trusted leaders, and unfair inequities and inconsistencies are overlooked, we find ourselves battered by unforeseen endings.

We seem unprepared to find solutions, to know how to move forward, and what actions will soothe our souls. We thrash about, bang our fists, wishing someone would do something, do anything, to stop the confusion, hurt, anger and desperation.

But the reality: only we can ‘fix it’. Only we have the power, the determination, the awareness to find our voices and act.

We are not powerless, but it will take courage to speak our truth, to declare our beliefs, and to stand against powers we fear. 

I know throughout my life I have often lacked courage, been afraid to speak truth to power, or to stand firm for my convictions. I found the path less stressful if I just ‘went along’, ignoring what I knew was right.

But today, that behavior must end.

I must shed my fright, break through the barrier of silence, vote, shout, donate, march and be brave enough to say “This isn’t okay”.

Because, I do believe we shall overcome.


8 thoughts on “Endings

  1. So well said. I have decided to go a little further in my debates with “friends” on the opposing side – I have always said I disagree, but I have said it more gently than I will be in future. If it affects the “friendship”, so be it. I cannot be silent and I’m done being gentle.


  2. This is all so hard. I feel like the horse has left the barn and all the protesting and marching and shouting won’t change the facts. BUT then I remember they left it up to states…so there maybe we can get change. So continue to march and shout…and lobby and vote.


    1. Hey Dawn, somehow I missed your response to my blog back two months ago. My gosh, I’m losing way too much. So sorry for this late reply. I’m feeling a bit better today than I did in June about upcoming elections, although it could all change. But, I do feel the Dems have a better chance of winning some races that had been written off by them. I will keep marching, shouting, lobbying and voting…as often as I can.


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