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Masked Woman on the Loose

It has finally happened: Boredom has met Desperation.

Sitting alone in my casita for endless days has led to alarming actions never before contemplated or considered.

I have imagined myself as the Non-DIY Queen beginning at a very young age. Making mud pies was considered a bit too creative for my 5-year-old sensitivities. If push came to parental cardinal punishment, I could wash a dish, but ‘creating’ a meal was way over the top.

But necessity is the Mother of ….

In the current lock-down environment walking the dogs is a necessity, not because they are eager to expose themselves to COVID-19, but rather because their dog-walker and feeder (that would be me) is not eager to clean up dog disposals left randomly in the confines of the house.

So, what to do?

No masks are available, neither is hand sanitizer, so improvising becomes a ‘must do’.

A friend, understanding a needle and thread are foreign objects not found in my confines, sent instructions on how to make several masks by just cutting up an old (or new) T-shirt. I do have another friend who is a master at the sewing machine and is making masks for anyone, but she has multiple orders and can’t get to my request for several days.

What’s a body to do? Pull out a pair of scissors, rummage through my closet for a garment I think will be easy to dismantle and start whacking away.

The non-sewing friend sent via email visual and written directions even I could follow. Seemed pretty simple, and in fact in 10 minutes I had 4 tacky, ugly, but useable facemasks that ensured no one would breathe on or near me. Of course, there are few people out and about in San Miguel these days, so passing people isn’t a huge problem. Scaring the heck out of those who are also walking their reluctant pets is just a byproduct of doing my own mask-making project.

I can now clear a path some 20 feet wide just by heading toward a nearby park. Even the teenage wannabe lovers chose another bench to cuddle on if they see me coming. I’ve never had so much privacy.

I thought I would share a picture or two of my newly found talent. Just think, you too can terrorize the neighborhood with your own mask creations.

Stay safe. Be well. Hide indoors. Wash your hands. Oh, and wear masks, even if the Big Orange won’t. Might want to stay away from him, just in case.


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17 thoughts on “Masked Woman on the Loose

      1. Me too- I had a dozen or so left from when I was a firefighter in the 1980s & 90s, when it was all we had for grass fires and wildland fires. Like Duck Tape, bandanas were good for everything. Smoke-mask, sweaty face, snotty nose. Years ago they got washed & brutally disinfected and ironed and given to Goodwill for other working-folks like myself. But this week I ransacked all old drawers and pockets and found 3.
        Of the many creative masks I’ve encountered via friends and facebook, the one that works best one similar to yours, that I call The Cowboy Bandit Mask. With the bottom corner tucked into your T-shirt, you are closed on all sides. OF COURSE – you know that they do not protect you from close encounter, only partially from airborne spray or mist at 6 feet. !2 is better. But they prevent us all from being an unknowing carrier ourselves. It’s the decent thing to do.
        BTW: Never trust a man who never leaves the house without full “hair & makeup” and sees himself as the star of stars. But that’s another topic.


      2. Yes, when I wear that one I think I may be in an old western movie chasing a stage wagon across the prairie. I doubt they do much to protect me, but perhaps my spittle won’t infect someone else.


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