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I’m All In for Cheap Thrills

Every day I learn something that may not be terribly important, but I can at least say I picked up something new, thus making my time here on earth a bit more interesting.

For instance, while travelling recently with a friend, we had a bit of excitement…actually two bits of excitement.

The first one was when the house next door to me burned down. Amazingly, while it was burning, even before the fire trucks arrived, I received a call alerting me to this terrifying news. Within the hour, people were texting, emailing, and calling me to make certain I was safe. They were being notified by Facebook, twitter, and Ma Bell.

Since I was out-of-town, I was perfectly safe. After a couple of phone calls I was assured my doglets were out of the house and safe, and if my house caught fire there wasn’t a thing I could do to keep my house from falling victim to the ravages of a fire. So, I enjoyed my new surrounds and kept reading all the updates about the flames that consumed my neighbor’s home.

The second excitement (and this is the one where I learned something new) was when my friend fell, hit her head on a slab of marble, cut her face, sprang her wrist, banged up her knee, and refused to go to the hospital.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I am hurt the first thing I want to do is get some place where I can be looked after, seen about, assured and treated. Not so for my friend. All she wanted was to get out of the place, with as little fanfare as possible.brokenleg-cast Of course, this was AFTER the fire department, the EMS, and security personnel were huddled around just waiting to rush her to the emergency room. She wanted no part of it. Just get her back to the hotel, hand her an icepack and a glass of wine, and leave her alone.

I really wanted her to be seen by a medical specialist in case she had a concussion, broken bones, or a bruised ego. But a fireman pointed out, quite pointedly, that it wasn’t my decision, it was hers to make. I acknowledged this truth, but added that neither she nor he would be the ones driving her to the nearest hospital if she went into convulsions in the middle of the night. Suffice to say, we didn’t travel to a medical center and she didn’t collapse into a coma with me attempting to roust her with cold water in her face.

She was a bit embarrassed because she fell and she didn’t want to make a scene (a bit late for that). And she mentioned that she was hesitant to go to the hospital because she had never ridden in an ambulance before. What would that be like?

My response was, “At 70, it’s time for you to have that experience. ambulanceWho doesn’t want to see what it feels like to be rushing through red lights, sirens blasting, cars moving over, all for little old you?”

My takeaway lesson in all this? Take advantage of any and all opportunities to try something new, then post it on Facebook, wait for the responses, and then follow-up with pictures so everyone can see that I really did hurt myself, thus garnering all the sympathy I can milk out of the situation. It helps to explain the black eye, the brace on the arm, and provides an audience to hear how fun it was to ride in an ambulance.

Anything for cheap thrills.

4 thoughts on “I’m All In for Cheap Thrills

  1. I’m afraid I’m a bit like your friend. I tend to want to self-manage my ailments. But if things are really bad, I’ll get checked out.

    So glad your house wasn’t burned down, but I’m sorry for your neighbor. 😦


  2. I fell out the door of a Mexican restaurant a few months ago and skinned my knee. I didn’t even bleed, but my husband Andy acted as though it was a major emergency. He wanted me to stay seated, check to make sure I wasn’t dizzy, and on and on. I snapped at him and hurt his feelings and felt badly for that.

    But I think I can tell when I am hurt. If I’m lying there unconscious or spurting blood, you can call for help. Otherwise, if I think I am hurt, I’ll ask for help. I guess we are all different.


    1. Yes, I will agree with you, BUT this same friend fell in front of me a couple of years ago, and hurt her knee. I heard a crack when she fell, and I quickly suggested we head to the ER. She adamant refused saying she was fine. An hour later she was in the hospital with a cracked knee cap, pumped full of pain meds. I had had previous experience of her ‘just fine’ insistences.


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