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Growing Up In a Family of Lions

I grew up in a family of lions, and that’s a dangerous place when you are a ram. You guessed it, I’m referring to the birth months of my siblings and parents and myself. I was born in March making me an Aries. The rest of my clan appeared on the scene in the month… Continue reading Growing Up In a Family of Lions

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What Do We Cherish?

The question was recently posed, what do we cherish? It came after a speaker encouraged his audience to be grateful for all things we have in our life, and to cherish each day and each moment. As we went around our virtual circle on Zoom, each individual described what they most cherished, what they treasured… Continue reading What Do We Cherish?

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Reunions Bring Out the Best!

Reunions can cause indigestion, depression, laughter, embarrassment, discomfort, and unanswerable  questions. Questions like: Do I have to hear that same story again? it is the 76th retelling, and it wasn’t that funny the first time it surfaced. My gosh, Cousin Maude looks ancient! Oh yeah, she’s my age! When did cousin Dickie start drinking beer… Continue reading Reunions Bring Out the Best!

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The Eyes Have It

Nancy Merrill’s A Photo-A-Week Challenge focuses (pun intended) on eyes, and I’ve gathered together photos of people I love, people I know, and some folks I have been mesmerized by their eyes, but don’t their names. Joy, happiness, questioning, anger, love, trust, defiance…you find it all in their eyes. See many more at Friends and… Continue reading The Eyes Have It

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Photographs on the Wall–Guest Blog

Kathryn Stucker has graced us with one of her poems for this holiday season. As she wrote when she sent it: “Since this is the season for thinking about family, here is a poem about family – ancestors and children.”   Photographs on the Wall   Family photographs on the wall Tie me to reality, prove… Continue reading Photographs on the Wall–Guest Blog

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What Still Fits ?

A group of family women were entertaining themselves over the Thanksgiving dinner table when the topic of weight surfaced. Not unusual after a third helping of pumpkin pie and Blue Bell ice cream. We were lamenting how the distribution of our weight seems to shift, especially when 20, 30, 40 pounds have been added to our… Continue reading What Still Fits ?

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Keep Your Hands Off My Plate!

Intimacy. It has so many ramifications and so many faces. It usually has sexual connotations, but in reality, intimacy is how we interact with others: what is appropriate and what isn’t between two people. And the acceptability is based on how well we know each other, how much we trust each other, how much we… Continue reading Keep Your Hands Off My Plate!

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Birds of a Feather

Mud nesting birds have built a home under the eve next to my back door, and I’m delighted, but not so much. I love the idea that they are having babies in a place where I can see them. I hate the idea of cleaning up after them. I have a hard enough time keeping my own nest tidy,… Continue reading Birds of a Feather

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Create or Conserve?

This is a post written by my sister, who hasn’t yet ventured into blogging. She is ‘spot on’ with her look at our Mother, who was complicated, driven, creative and most interesting. My sister is a gifted writer, and I’m encouraging her to join the world of bloggers and blogging. What do you think? My mother… Continue reading Create or Conserve?