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Learning Spanish the Fun Way

Oh my, this living in a country where you don’t know the language is tough, embarrassing, and stressful. And not just for the ex-pats living and visiting in Mexico. The Mexicans themselves are under a lot of pressure to communicate with us as well. Trying to order iced tea, or sugar or more ice, or… Continue reading Learning Spanish the Fun Way

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My Wishes Keep Changing

I’m participating in Amaka Paul Challenge with the prompt of Wishes. My contribution may not fall within the parameters of the challenge, but, hey, it’s all about wishes. Read more at Ramblings of a Writer and at Sammi Scribbles. It was a simple wish, not difficult or complex: I wish for you to visit. You… Continue reading My Wishes Keep Changing

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More Is Too Much

Uh Oh, I have found more. I mean More of everything. If one is good, 8 is even better. Yep, I’m overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ that has been accumulating in my house for 14 years, give or take a generation or two. I’m still ‘cleaning out’ to ‘make way’ for folks to move into my house… Continue reading More Is Too Much

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And Your Favorite Is…?

Halloween is sneaking up on us, and some forward thinking folks have begun to decorate for the scary celebrations. I found these pumpkins at a local health care center, decorated by staff members in each clinic department, and being judged by patients. Hope you enjoy the creativity. Happy Halloween.                                                                                                                                          … Continue reading And Your Favorite Is…?

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Keep It? Trash It? Or…?

I’m in the midst of chaos. Some would call it ‘cleaning closets’. And some would consider it ‘divesting one’s self of no longer needed items’. I call it confused chaos. As I face vacating my house for 6 months and turning it over to a family of 5, I see the need to make room… Continue reading Keep It? Trash It? Or…?

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But I’m Not Qualified for This Job!

I have a new job, or at least I’m hoping this is a short-term, part-time, once in a life time duty…and not a career! When recruited for this task, I was not given a job title, just a ‘tool’ to use in the performance of said task. And the tool had no name either. So,… Continue reading But I’m Not Qualified for This Job!

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I Need to Pack How Much?

I’ve decided to head back to San Miguel for several months, so I’m attempting to get my life rearranged. Leaving home for a few weeks is different from leaving for months. The last time I did this was some 30 years ago when my husband and I took off for a year to explore Australia… Continue reading I Need to Pack How Much?